Oddbody’s Brings the Solstice to Dayton

Saturday September 6th, could be seen as a night when the perpetually moving solstice of change and evolution in the Dayton scene was showcased on the Oddbody’s stage. The young, upcoming new blood opened followed by the established former instrumentalists with a new voice and the scene veterans played direct support to the national headliners. […]

My LA Manson Experience

The beginning of my interest: Several years ago my friend Andy had the original Manson family documentary. I borrowed it, watched it and thought it was interesting and pretty cool but at the time remembered I hadn’t thought much about it. A few years later I was at Second Time around, a used movie, game […]

Hollywood Snared in a Scarlet Vice

  In June 2011, Travis Morse responded to an ad posted by Chris Blaze, currently playing for Scarlet Vice. The two hit it off and immediately started writing songs together as that version of the band started fading away. After a few years and ‘many’ attempts to find the right chemistry, Travis and Chris discovered […]

Hollow, Damaged Soul Play Oddbody’s

  Hollow, Dayton’s tribute to dual era Alice in Chains and Damaged Soul a tribute to the music of Black Sabbath and Ozzy played the newly reopened House of Rock now known as Oddbody’s on Saturday August 23rd. The place slowly filled with local fans and musicians showing up supporting the new venue and showing […]

Stryper Bring the Second Coming to the Whisky

In an era when the devil ‘might’ have been more popular in the genre they started in and with a large army of bands sporting devil horns, inverted crosses and certain downturned stars along with dark artwork/imagery of any and all kinds, Stryper was a band that bravely and faithfully went against the norm. Heavy […]

Element A440, The Industrial Bitch, Ginger V Get Sinister

Saturday July 26th-In a quiet, secluded patio-like room illuminated by a fountain of melted candle wax and a tent like ceiling extending into the dark carnival air of Hollywood loomed the curtained circular stage of Bar Sinister. Tonight’s show featured a trio of acts that ranged from the creatively deranged, the industrial macabre and the […]

LA Guns Still Cocked and Loaded at the Whisky

  Of the many, countless 80’s era bands LA Guns were one of the few big names that not only carried the city’s initials but had several big hits, toured the planet and even when grunge came to change the world, kept the Sunset Strip flame burning from the late nineties to present day. With […]

Motley Crue Say Farewell To Cincinnati

  All bad things must come to an end so they say. Since 1981 we’ve gotten the good, the bad and the ugly from the Sunset Strip bad boys. Drugs, booze, sex, countless nights of untold, unseen debauchery and decadence. They’ve never been shy about pushing the envelope, before setting it on fire. They’ve sold […]

The Big Four of Dayton Release Quadruple CD’s at Courtyard Lounge

  It wasn’t a stadium or in Sofia, Bulgaria but any of the five bands that played Saturday July 5th could be considered in Dayton’s big thrash four debate. The crowd turned out in droves, jamming the cramped but cozy ‘by metal standards’ space of the Courtyard Lounge into a shroud of die hard, shoulder […]

Incarnated Insist You Try Before Die

  From the cold dank waters and surroundings of Poland, Zombieland starts the loud, brain stomping disk with the sounds of the almost dead, breathing their last troubled breaths gasping for air as life support gives out and flat-line. Drums then smash you in the face out of nowhere leaving scarring with bass and guitar […]

Portland’s Drunk Dad Unleashes The Ripper Killer

    Yes, it sounds like a new Judas Priest song but Portland, Oregon’s, Drunk Dad, is about to unload their debut LP Ripper Killer. Five Pack opens like a guitar choking on beer, gasping for air going down the wrong tube. Singer/guitarist Dane Herrin screams out the lungs of the mic filling the track […]

Nick Coyle Riding The Electracoustica Wave

  Nick Coyle  is a modern day version of a “one man band”.  Combining guitars, synthesizers, and unique vocals with crowd moving drum and bass grooves, utilizing today’s modern technology. Coyle, an accomplished musician/songwriter, has recorded and performed internationally for over 15 years.  His music’s been featured on a variety of media outlets including ESPN, […]

Beauty and the Beat

Few names in rock and metal illicit more opinion, praise and passion than Tarja Turunen. The three-octave soprano takes her stage encompassing voice to the romantic classical arena belting out classics from Bach, Strauss and Mozart, along with rock fueled anthems from Led Zeppelin, Queen and her own catalogue. Veteran rock drummer Mike Terrana blasts […]

Anette Olzon Shines Once Again

  The voice of Dark Passion Play/Imaginaerum era Nightwish has returned with her first solo album on Armoury Records in conjunction with Ear Music, Shine. Those who fell in love with the pop, bubble gum perfect, soothing caress of Anette Olzon’s  vocal charm can rest assured its present throughout the 10 new tracks. A recording […]

Niki Watts Benefit Show

  On May 28th, Trenton resident Niki Watts and roommate Jeff Wilson  lost all their belongings and a pet to a freak fire. Since this time residents, friends and the community at large have reached out lending a huge hand with a generous outpouring of care and support. Close friends Chantel Dobson, Kyle Von Thirteen, […]