Decapitated in Columbus

Regardless of what any mental, symbolic connotation of a band’s name based on losing one’s head can conjure up it cannot compare to the pure, loud, unforgiving brutality they throttle out on stage like jackhammer turbines on speed. Saturday November 15th Columbus Events Group decided to beat the crap out of its home town brethren […]

Psychostick Returns with Revenge of the Vengeance

  Chicago humorcore-(ists) and musical alchemists Psychostick return, because well, a bunch of fans thought they should and with four comedy albums to their credit, the virtually 100% do it yourself band has amassed a somewhat comforting and concerning fan base through heavy chords, riffs, growling, jokes, ballads and songs about stuff and doing funny […]

Oddbody’s Host UD Metal Conference After Show with Alex Skolnick

There was an addictively contagious energy in Oddbody’s on Saturday November 8th. Maybe it was due to the night being the top off, after party to three days of multi diverse and cultural information given by respected academic scholars at the University of Dayton on the global impact and culture of metal music and its […]

Byzantine Bring the Release and Resolve Tour to Dayton

Oddbody’s brought the metal October 25th, from New York, Rhode Island, West Virginia and of course Dayton with four bands of different types and styles but all screaming for metal. One of the rock-solid pillars of the Dayton metal scene Forces of Nature owned the stage as only they can playing set staples “Mary Hates […]

It’s a Full Scale High 5 Riot in Dayton!

  High 5 Riot hit the scene earlier this year already loaded with experience, talent and a collective drive to succeed and name based on their previous local ventures. Singer/rhythm guitarist Ashley Stacy cut her teeth in Gathering Mercury. With her young spirit and energy, she’ll settle for nothing less than global domination for H5R. […]

UnKured: Mutated Earth

  Cincinnati’s UnKured Band  may have been born a few decades too late. From the sounds of their debut album Mutated Earth they were heavily influenced with a very healthy dose of late 80’s early 90’s death/thrash metal. Besides insane speed-freak frantic fret work, enough to make the strings say ‘goddamn it, slow the […]

Hideous Divinity: Cobra Verde

  Somewhere between Italy and Norway in late 2006 Hour Of Penance’s Enrico Schettino started Hideous Divinty  with the band immediately making an impression with their 2007 demo Sinful Star Necrolatry. They signed a three album deal with Unique Leader Records after the Inferno Festival in Oslo, Norway. In late July 2011 they recorded […]

HORRORAMA 2014 Re-Haunts Englewood Cinema October 24th

More legal than a fake purge and less appetizing than zombies on AMC it’s that time of year for the 18th Annual Horrorama Movie Festival. Making more returns then Jason, Freddy and Michael the ‘Horror’ return’s to the Englewood Cinemas at 320 W. National Road, Englewood, Ohio by Kmart on Friday Oct. 24th. Doors open […]

Ninth Annual JDRF Benefit Weekend for Sonny at Club Panama

October 3rd and 4th  Club Panama hosted the annual For Love of Sonny tribute fundraiser to help raise funds and awareness for Juvenile Diabetes treatment and research. This year’s local supporters included Simply Delicious, Schaeffers Amusements Co, Janeen  and Joel Naugle for bringing the sweet stuff, Rudy’s Smokehouse and BBQ   Keg & Cork  and […]

Bocca Live Goes Country for Wounded Warrior Benefit

Saturday October 11th was a chance to give back and show appreciation to all the brave men and women of the armed forces for all their hard work and sacrifices to ensure our safety and freedom. Event organizer Brian Gilliam’s put together a two band tribute evening with raffles, prizes and cool autographed baseballs from […]

Der Blaue Reiter Bring the Apocalypse

The music you hear paints vast, rapid-fire visuals of epic battles under swirling angry skies, swords and sorcery that span the ages as mystical militant queens cast visages upon army’s marching to conquer and industrial noises of production coming from the darkest, most hidden corners of a darkened land. These are the sounds created by […]

Torch Runner Releases Endless Nothing

  Greensboro noise-grinders Torch Runner have unleashed their new LP Endless Nothing via Southern Lord. Clocking in at about 22 minutes because a minute more or less might cause cranial damage or disappointment to the educated ear; the disk is an unrelenting perpetual fist smash salute to the chaos of early punk and sounds a […]

Oddbody’s Brings the Solstice to Dayton

Saturday September 6th, could be seen as a night when the perpetually moving solstice of change and evolution in the Dayton scene was showcased on the Oddbody’s stage. The young, upcoming new blood opened followed by the established former instrumentalists with a new voice and the scene veterans played direct support to the national headliners. […]

My LA Manson Experience

The beginning of my interest: Several years ago my friend Andy had the original Manson family documentary. I borrowed it, watched it and thought it was interesting and pretty cool but at the time remembered I hadn’t thought much about it. A few years later I was at Second Time around, a used movie, game […]

Hollywood Snared in a Scarlet Vice

  In June 2011, Travis Morse responded to an ad posted by Chris Blaze, currently playing for Scarlet Vice. The two hit it off and immediately started writing songs together as that version of the band started fading away. After a few years and ‘many’ attempts to find the right chemistry, Travis and Chris discovered […]