Automaton’s Bold New Horizon

Automaton is a mix of steampunk, power metal and old school Iron Maiden from Covington, KY via parts unknown. They are a group of men who definitely dress the part playing double duty as musicians and fictional fantasy characters. A Bold New Horizon signals their first release as the Ionian/Rekelarian saga begins. Duncan Batchworth III […]

A.D.D. Metal to the Core

Ever wonder what Doro Pesch fronting Godsmack might have sounded like? What if Sully Erna had a similarly guttural throated sister? Chicago-based A.D.D. is starting 2015 with a bang, releasing their 2nd full-length album Core via Pavement Entertainment. So far they’ve achieved independent success with 6,000 CD’s sold and over 4,000 paid downloads. They have shared stages […]

Amplified Awareness III at Alrosa Villa

On Saturday February 21st, the Alrosa Villa hosted the third annual Amplified Awareness concert fundraiser. Since its inception, the event in collaboration with Mike Hoover of the Make It Fit Foundation, Jon Clevenger and The Iron Brothers of Ohio, Thunder Roads Ohio, C&A Harley-Davidson and this year’s new addition Kixson Creative have brought fans of […]

Valentine’s Day Massacre at The Courtyard

It’s said that love can be a real icy cold-hearted bitch. Whether it’s an ice pick to the back, heart or below sub-zero temperatures that feel like a cold sickle to the spine. Saturday February 14th’s music brought out the heat and warmed the coldest metal heart from dusk and her cold embrace after the […]

Blackhearts Ball Slices Through Friday the 13th at Therapy Café

Def Leppard said “Love Bites,” The Vinnie Vincent Invasion warned “Love Kills,” and on this 13th day, the water logged guy with the machete regularly slaughtered those making love. So it was fitting on Friday, February 13th, everyone’s favorite pre-bloody Valentine’s Day, the Therapy Cafe held the Blackhearts Ball. Hearts, candy and flower’s done darkwave, […]

From Israel to Texas Seek Irony Play Tech N’ Roll

Arising from the burgeoning music scene of Tel Aviv, Israel, Seek Irony’s founding brother’s vocalist Kfir and drummer Rom Gov felt it was time to make the change to a new level and move the band to the US. They picked Austin, TX “The Live Music Capital of the World” to be their new home down […]

Eddie Trunk Plays MVP in Cincinnati

Friday January 16th MVP Sports Bar and Grille hosted an evening with VH1 Classic’s Eddie Truck, host of That Metal Show along with Don Jamison and Jim Florentine. After Trunk, the evening showcased two of Southern Ohio’s finest musical breeding. Lift the Medium and Rootbound entertained the crowd through late evening to early morning. Trunk […]

Powerfest III Pummels Madison Theater

Saturday January 17th Shumatsucon presented the third annual Powerfest showcasing the best of the Cincinnati/Kentucky music scene with a band of merry men making the long voyage from Madison Wisconsin. The seven band bill showcased everything from acoustic scalley-wagged pirates pulled from the ocean floor, armored warlord tyrants dressed to kill, the screaming, yelling frenzy […]

Them Damn Golers Re-Release In ‘n’ Outlaws

  Vancouver BC’s The Golers were formed in 1998 after the disbanding of Subversion. They’ve built momentum over the course of 4 albums and massive touring. 1999’s South Mountain Style ushered in the classic Goler sound combining most, if not all, extreme metal styles with punk and thrash into one cohesive, speaker throttling sound. Next […]

Malphas Bring Forth-The Conjuring

Even wonder what Immortal and Opeth on the same record would sound like? On February 24th in association with Dewar PR Philadelphia’s Malphas bring forth on their debut EP The Conjuring a cross breed, misanthropic blend of prog, black metal, death and symphonic elements that cross multiple underground genres from cult rock to the classical, […]

Opul Releases Three Song Levels EP

This chilling winter, Nefarious Industries will warmly release the latest EP from solo act Opul, the solo venture by Matt Lupo of East of The Wall on January 13th digitally to the frigid, shaking hands of the public. Being a main figure in the changing identity of what was The Postman Syndrome in the early […]

Colette Miller Giving the World Wings

Colette Miller has been spreading her spirit and talent via the painting palate for many years. Creating her own work inspired by dreams, animals, life and other worthy causes she’s involved in. Since the early 90’s she’s painted animals on everything from bridges to walls to business trucks from Virginia to New York, California to […]

Dreadlords Unleash the Death Angel

  Dreadlords containing members of Panther Modern and T.O.M.B., hailing from the general Philadelphia PA area, take the serpent off the bible, tossing it into the holy water starting the sermon with a background southern sizzle. The blues were meant to be bad, psychedelic’s were meant to be mood/perception altering, black metal was born from […]

Mass Punishment Serve Out Proving Grounds Vol. 1.

  New Jersey’s Mass Punishment compiles it’s version of groove thrash metal on their debut Proving Grounds, Vol. 1, with lyrics penned and inspired by first-hand war experience, the music equals the real life brutality seen. Guitars and drums blast out the loud armories of combat as vocals scream out the war-torn, beaten path of […]

Operation: Giving Back Christmas Gets Pink Velvet Krushed

On Saturday December 13th The Old Crow Bar in Middletown hosted a special benefit for two families of the Heavy Metal Church of Christ in need over the holiday season. All bands, contributors and supporters volunteered their time and talents (many driving a distance) to help out making sure the families had necessities and the […]