A Darker Color Bright

A Darker Color Bright

A one man band from the Midwest, shrouded in mystery, prompted not on name recognition or image but on the sounds and talent of his work and imagination. Sometimes the greatest complex depth and detail comes from simplicity. A Darker Color Bright, whoever it is, is 100% responsible for what you hear on the six-song EP Adcbep1, from writing to playing to production it all comes from his mind.

In the vein of Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, The Human League, Pet Shop Boys and maybe some Love and Rockets. Curtailing the sounds and styles of ‘80s goth drenched in the simple execution of certain tracks while feeling intense notions of loneliness, despair and desperation.

ADCB is a ‘dark-pop’ artist experimenting with electronic synth  experiences without a name to attach for identification or initial reaction. You simply have the music, a voice and YouTube videos for Missing You and Fluorescent.

Shadow has a creepy dark wave feel, haunting atmosphere, breathing out memories like evaporating shadows. Glimpsing breathes and breaches of Eurythmics with vocals of silent stepping obsession from the mental darkness.

Missing You carries the dark underbelly of the nightclub world and tales of seductive, obsessive love and promiscuity texted back and forth. Hook up phone calls portraying an emotionally barren state of mind, with lovelorn lyrics of loss and desperation for love to return.  Dramatic forms come out of the keys, like female whispers accompanying a soundtrack after destruction has hit. Spooky untold, unspoken short relationships are shown with an industrial, atmospheric touch.

Fluorescent is all energy and vibrations, taking a melancholy sound, with shades of uplifting hope.

Romagnetic’s slow electronic drums beat against darker, louder keys, foreboding vocals and electronic, background noises as guitars buzz on and off with a ‘80s sci-fi element.




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