Alrosa Villa Host Amplified Awareness II Benefit

Alrosa Villa Host Amplified Awareness II Benefit

   Saturday February 7th, the second annual benefit fundraiser raising awareness for children with Autism and Tourette Syndrome was held at Alrosa Villa  in association with the Make It Fit Foundation and the Iron Brothers of Ohio. Last year’s inaugural show featured Loboz, Fat Dog and Jasmine Cain. This year the sultry, bass-hammering songstress returned continuing the party where she left off last time, stage diving and all.

Event organizer and Make It Fit founder Mike Hoover has made Autism awareness/research his mission working tirelessly with local businesses, charities and musical talent raising money for research progression including the Ohio Ride for Autism and the 2nd annual Make It Fit fundraiser party with reigning 3-time Mr. Olympia/2013 Arnold Europe Champion Phil ‘The Gift’ Heath February 28th at Encore Columbus. Iron Brothers of Ohio with special assistance from Jon Clevenger once again worked hard sponsoring the event and raising awareness for both the show and the causes to make the event a success. Beckner’s Costume Cycles, QFM 96, CA Harley Davidson, Thunder Roads Magazine, Quaker Steak & Lube of Columbus, Boyd’s Tire & Service Centers also stepped up again this year sponsoring the event. QFM’s Sue Leighton MC’d the evening along with Hoover.

This year Columbus southern rock charmers The Phillip Fox band and Dayton’s blues maestro Scotty Bratcher warmed up the crowd for the sweet Jasmine.

The Columbus country-fried rock started Phillip Fox style with a bit of country, a bit of rock n roll and a lot of good ole boy southern comfort. They start with the Allman Brothers tale of woe, romancing the wrong lady, ending up on the Whipping Post. They play their first original from the Motor City Blood EP, Goin’ Out With You, a bar romping, beer clanking good time tune about spending time with that special lady that warms a country boy’s heart. They rock the depression and loss right out of the old-school genre. Thanks to Kip Moore we can make tonight legendary and do anything we want honey, because we got some Beer Money. We take a ride with The Cars and that girl that keeps us up all night. We fly with The Eagles in the Fast Lane. Next stop’s Strait to the Heartland with a swampy slide guitar intro into a country stomp as old grandpa spins photographic tales of a hard long-life well-lived In Color. We take a ghostly night journey through thunderous clouds with the man in black, time to change your ways, there’s no reason to chase the devil today. Telling life stories on the guitar strings with rainmaker drums and bass galloping through the sky stretched desert.

Now a tune from the greatest movie ever made (someone yelled Goonies) going Eastbound and Down with Burt, Jackie, Sally and Jerry. We’re taking the southbound train to Georgia with Marshall Tucker and getting away from that damn woman. The Alrosa floor ‘pit’ had some different kind of dancing that night, with some swagger and style. Next is the title track to Motor City Blood cause family’s hand’s and roots are bled and bred in Detroit. The big ole stand-up bass got pulled out on I’d Be Runnin’ Too.  They answer the call of the south and the Simple Man and play some Skynyrd (without being asked). Ozzy sang it; Sam Kinison made her reputation worse and Mountain created her story, now it was time for Phillip to sing her tune. We get one more original Just One Step Behind, also getting originals We All Lose Somethin’, Been Workin’ and I Ain’t Angry all slated for upcoming release.

Influenced by Blackberry Smoke and CCR they’ve been together for three years releasing their debut EP Motor City Blood in 2012 and plan to have a full length CD out this year. With 175 shows last year they plan on continuing their road dog ways.  They have a foxy lady blues sound with a Skynyrd meets Hank Williams country rock done flannel style, with bassist Jonathan Kampfe being the sharp dressed man of the bunch. Fox having a unique vocal range sounding a combination of ZZ Top, Gavin Rossdale, Chad Kroeger and John Melloncamp. They’re a Charlie Daniels spiked cocktail, boot stompin, hot rockin country mess of good sound.

    Scotty Bratcher shreds playing the blues with Van Halen force and precession with video-game like soloing. Stevie Ray Vaughan meets Bach on guitar with hypnotizing sound and flair. He plays a hard-edged style, with a little 80’s sheen with some Clapton and Eric Jerardi for good taste. He brings out the attitude, anger and fury of the instrument setting notes and frets on fire. What guitars can’t say on their own, he spells out with fingers. Using the slide to paint a musical picture making it a fire breathing machine, multiple conversation piece or one moody bitch. Leaving no inch of the neck untouched, bringing out the most complex emotions from a gentle touch to full-finger petting. Bratcher’s a blues version of Angus Young playing the blues partner to Eruption.

We get Rollin’ with some original tunes then get backwoods dreaming with roadhouse rocker Back Home to You. Watch out, Bratcher plays a mean Cold Blooded Killer guitar with bad intentions, though he makes it sound so alluring. We get caught playing ‘teacher’ with that little school girl thanks to Jonny Lang. We go old-school vintage with guns blazing playing the 32-30 Blues with Robert Johnson. We get the Funk out 49 different ways with the James Gang and lay our money down for Zeppelin, living and loving. Then the eight minute blues rock feast of Ready for Rain. They pay homage to the great Muddy Waters as the King Bee.  We’ve got one more silver dollar for the Allman Brothers and the Midnight Rider.

Bratcher then played with his wah-wah pedal tuning up the headband wearing wizard’s guitar to play homage to the master with some Voodoo Chile.

Playing guitar since age 2, he’s developed an incredible, aged sound ‘taking notes’ from some of the all-time greats.  He got his first live music experience at 11 and in 2000 entered the National Jam With Kenny Wayne Shepherd Contest which KWS’s new single at the time was downloaded and contestants made up the lead solo. Out of 1,200 entries, Scotty received 1st runner up.

He’s opened for Ted Nugent, Blue Oyster Cult, Chris Duarte, Foghat, 38 Special, Styx, Peter Frampton, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Lou Graham and many more. He’s also an accomplished multi-genre studio musician recording with blues, rock, country, gospel, funk and metal artists. Since 2007 he’s played with Kenny Wayne Shepherd singer Noah Hunt as guitarist and second vocalist of The 420 All-Stars. In 2013, the album “All and Nothing More” was released featuring new original songs and a few covers featuring legendary Southern rocker Jimmy Hall. After the release, Mr. Hall contacted Scotty about starting a side project together, adding yet another set of opportunities to see Scotty do his thing.

  The road gypsy herself Jasmine Cain just made it from a show in Cincinnati, throttling herself into a Paranoid state of mind. She made her presence known the red hair blazing, gothic muse raising hell, dressed to kill like Stevie Nicks in fishnet delight. We get buried in ….. with the Man in a Box. Jasmine thanked Mike Hoover and Jon Clevenger for all their hard work for tonight. All their Dirty Deeds didn’t go unnoticed as Jasmine puts some raspy Angela Gossow vocals on the tune originally sung by Bon Scott then Brian Johnson. The drinks were flowing but we had the right tool to stay Sober. They played the night’s first JC original the Sons of Anarchy themed Highway Prophet. We take a trip to late eighties LA and the rough streets of Hollywood, Welcome to the Jungle baby. Jasmine doesn’t take time out to drink, she drinks during the song. A Molotov cocktail with a match to go, Jasmine plays her bass with style. For all the lovely ladies in the house we got crazy bitches everywhere. We hop aboard Jasmine’s Crazy Train off through the blizzard of Columbus on the way to Ozz. We get another dose of firearms and flowers, It’s So Easy, when everyone’s trying to please Jasmine. With a feminine smile and snarl The Symphony of Destruction begins.

A word of on-stage advice, tequilas bad for you, whiskies worse, we get Thunderkissed down Highway 65 and get the Zombie’s curse. The Sandman enters the room as the light exited hours ago, drowning the crowd in a pool of war, liars and dragon’s fire and the things that bite. We finish with Filter, raising glasses and giving new meaning to ‘hey man, nice shot’. Cain promises a killer stage dive driven by rage, finishing with Killing in the Name of.

Jasmine jams with newest member, self-taught guitarist Mickey Bradam, a multi-styled player, teacher and studio musician. She’s come a long way since playing the Full Throttle Saloon in 2000, releasing her debut album The Inside and title track video in 2004. Videos for Sweet Euphoria and Help Me were released in ’05. Headlines Easyrider shows three years in a row starting in ’07, then released Locks & Keys in ’08 and Highway Prophet in 2011 winning Female Rock Vocalist of the year award at the first annual Music City Mayhem Awards.


The Make It Fit foundation has spearheaded attention for Autism awareness since November 2011.  Working with professional athletes from MMA, football and baseball and also appearing at the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia 2011 and 2012. They’ve donated to numerous charities including Autism Speaks, The Autism Society of Ohio, Cookies for Ipads, Recreation Unlimited, Oakstone Academy and several more. They’ve also partnered with the owners of White Castle who donated 10 million dollars to further Autism research and also donated to Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital in a joint venture called The Ingram Autism Research Center. Make It Fit also donated to The Ingram Center and the Tourette Syndrome Society of Ohio, The Alrosa Villa hopes to make Amplified Awareness an annual event.

   Autism is described as a neural disorder affecting mental, emotional development resulting in impaired social interaction, communication and repetitive behavior. It is one of three disorders in the autism spectrum (ASDs) the other’s being Asperger Syndrome which lacks delays in cognitive/linguistic development but greatly affects social behavior. Pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) is diagnosed when the whole set of criteria for the other two aren’t met. Autism has a strong genetic base and signs are noticed within the first two years of life. Hollywood has featured characters with autistic characters including Rain Man, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Bless the Child and Mercury Rising and TV’s Parenthood, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Law &Order Criminal Minds, The Shield and most recently Touch.

Tourette Syndrome is an inherited mental disorder triggered in childhood characterized by multiple physical (motor) and vocal (phonic) tics that come and go and can be temporary suppressed occurring from an oncoming pre-urge. TS is defined as a tic disorder which are sudden, repetitive, body movements, sounds and vocalizations which include sniffing, blinking, facial movements, body jerks and spasms. Audio tics include making noises, involuntary cussing, swearing and other derogatory language, though the tics generally subside with age. TV shows featuring TS characters include Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Sopranos with documentaries Twitch and Shout, Magic Camp and the film short Harvie Krumpet. The 2008 TV movie Front of the Class is based on the real life story of TS diagnosed Brad Cohen who became a gifted teacher. Depending on your sense of humor TS has also been lampooned in Deuce Bigalow and mentioned in The Wedding Singer. May 15-June 15 is national TS awareness month.

Philip Fox Band, Scotty Bratcher and Jasmine Cain featured images by Samantha Stewart Photography

Other Jasmine Cain images by Mike Ritchie


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