Among Thorns

Among Thorns

Among Thorns third offering Draw Near is a testament to soft musical melody taking us along the acoustic highways of tranquility skyward to the heavens above and open arms of God. Thirteen songs including Rescues, Reach Down and There Is No One mix pop and piety demonstrating a desire to know the mysteries of God while staying humble before him.

To the six men including new singer Chad Jarnagin the group finds home and spiritual enlightenment whenever and wherever they can kneel and clasp hands together.

The songs are atmospheric hymns about and too the higher power. Soothing vocals ride along the journeys of tribulation, uncertainty and understanding yourself and your relationship with God. Inner strength, devotion and protection through prayer play over the airwaves like religious escapism on angels wings.

Other topics include the creation of the world and enjoying what’s been given to us, witnessing miracles and recognizing God’s power. One song in particular takes you on a piano keyed Sidewalk through Eden.

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