The Art of Phobia’s at Clash Dayton

The Art of Phobia’s at Clash Dayton

On Friday Nov. 4 the annual Phobia’s art exhibit was hosted by the Oregon Districts Clash Dayton showcasing artistic representations of clinically proven phobia’s ranging from fairly common to uniquely curios.

Myana Joseph Cacophobia-Fear of ugliness

Myana Joseph Cacophobia-Fear of ugliness

Over 30 local artists put their work on display showcasing their work through painting, molding, photography, crafts, toy modification and other unique, creative and bizarre mediums. Each piece represented their interpretation of an existing phobia. The room was a mixed perverse pallet of artistic renderings and a tribute to what images and creations fear can inspire. The dreams of some could be the nightmares of others.

Creations ranged from the perplexing, to the grotesque, creepy to creative, bone chilling to eye candy.

Lyn Bucalo-Plutophobia-fear of wealth

Lyn Bucalo-Plutophobia-Fear of wealth

Visitors could vote for one or more artists, supporting favorites or voting for what spoke to them or spooked them the most casting $1.00 a piece with the evening total going to the winner.

Phobias included fear of bees (Apiphobia), needles (Aichmophobia), clowns (Coulrophobia) and bugs (Entomophobia) along with more unique subjects such as fear of magic (Rhabdophobia), outer space (Astrophobia), toys (Teganophobia), cats (Gatophobia), bones (Ostiophobia), animals (Zoophobia) and medications (Pharmacophobia). Creators included Amber Walker, Charlie Gast, Colton Tant, Erica Blackstock, Freckles Callahan, Gretta Smak, Heather Nickerson, Jessica Hale, Karen Webb, Lisa Maryanne, Lyn Bucalo, Michelle Carr, Mike Guidone, Roland Tipton, among several others.



Feature image: Freckles Callahan

Images by Mike Ritchie





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