Audio Adrenaline Flows

Audio Adrenaline Flows

The Go Show stopped by the Dayton Convention Center March 29 for an evening of music, fun and Christian charged energy. Real Life pre-opened with keyboards and sax accompanied by five back-up singers. The co-keyboarder’s hands and body moved over the pad like an electric guitar. He personified a Christian Hendrix but high on life and the sax’ist played with power Kenny G could only dreams of.

The Swift opened with a unique manic piano madness reminding the old-schooler’s of a modern day Jerry Lee Lewis. The easy going comedy of Moshing Machine led the crowd refraining the destined for fame chorus “moshing, hey you broke my arm.”

Kutless came out ready to open a can of free flow energon. Singer Jon Sumrall resembled  Power Man 5000’s eerie front-man while bassist Stu’s head art gave nod to Bam Bam Bigelow’s du style. Blue icy light bathed over the blood-red metal beast as they sang about God’s perspective over us.

Mercy Me followed accompanied by video footage of stained glass, a man being baptized and a man spreading the word via walking billboard and converting one follower by days end. Their music may not have been the heaviest but singer Millard gave the heaviest statement of the evening proclaiming his happiness that we have a president who prays.

Audio Adrenaline started dripping with a furious explosive drumbeat. Mark Stuart straddled the mic in true rock star fashion, fashioning a multi-representational look sporting Chris Jericho king of the world type leather pants, an AC/DC tribute Rock n Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution shirt and Kid Rock fedora. Bassist Mohawk Man sprouted blond hair higher than 80’s punk performer Jet Boy ever fathomed. The set opened with Worldwide bringing out the jams on the new disk and some favorite oldies.

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