Mike Ritchie

Skillet At The Avenue

The final show of the 2002-2003 season at the Avenue was a bombastic night of loud intensity, basically everything audience members have come to expect from the auditory noise room. Spot wasn’t there this time but the energy level from the previous show definitely hung in the air. Columbus’s energy junkies House of Hero’s opened with a blistering three man showcase featuring sporadic guitarists pl...[Read More]

A Cry from the Congo

A cry from the Congo rings through the air, who will hear it. Thassende Lulonga, president of Vision for African nationals, hopes the churches and people of America will respond to the plea from the Congolese held captive in refugee camps in Tanzania. Vision for African Nationals is a non-profit organization that focuses on relief for these Christian Congo refugees. Lulonga and over 500 American s...[Read More]

Audio Adrenaline Flows

The Go Show stopped by the Dayton Convention Center March 29 for an evening of music, fun and Christian charged energy. Real Life pre-opened with keyboards and sax accompanied by five back-up singers. The co-keyboarder’s hands and body moved over the pad like an electric guitar. He personified a Christian Hendrix but high on life and the sax’ist played with power Kenny G could only dreams of. The ...[Read More]

Jadon Lavik-Moving on Faith

Jadon Lavik debut combines thought provoking lyrics, prolific acoustic stylings and inspiring melodies to create a unique journey back to the roots of life, love and faith. Hailing from Redmond WA, a lifetime athlete, studied at Santa Barbara where God moved him toward music. Songs on Moving on Faith were inspired by his voyages to third world countries opening his eyes to the suffering of the wor...[Read More]

Demon Hunter: Summer of Darkness

Demon Hunter returns this summer with a worthy follow up to its debut with Summer of Darkness. The band punches us in the face again with songs filled with heavy screaming and a good dose of loud healthy anger. Besides having one of the coolest names on the Solid State roster, Demon Hunter has a good bit of talent as well, making heavy music to suit any metal fan. Whether you’re into Ill Nino, Fea...[Read More]

Joy Electric-The Magic of Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a guitar was tuning, not even feedback. The programmers were all tucked in their beds with visions of synthesizers playing in their heads. Ma and Pa in their robes and caps had just settled online for a long winters download. CD burning and MP3’s for the kids in the morn and a portable laptop from Ebay and samples from Napster for the ...[Read More]

Disciple’s Back Again

Disciple returns with their fifth disk of hybrid metal infection. Back Again showcases the mosh pit friendly side of Christian rock with a molten cored electric embrace. 13 shredding tunes filled with harmony, melody, frantic guitar work, riffs, hooks, finger splitting solos and enough screaming to rival Slayer. Lyrically the disk is drenched with Bible verses and references with a healthy mix of ...[Read More]

Tait-Lose This Life

Tait returns with a remarkable record playing tunes of high-powered groove and rock. The sounds crescendo into a high voice of hope and empowerment then back down to slow paced emotional ballads, crying out of misery and for lost lives. Lose This Life is the most memorable track opening the disk with powerful prose and a message of giving to God. The 80’s returns to us on the Eddie Grant anthem El...[Read More]

The Message and Muscles

The Power Team headed by John Jacobs bashed, pounded, ran over, pummeled, ripped and tore everything in their path bringing the nightly audience of their week-long stay at Hillside Chapel a show and spiritual experience never to be forgotten. With safety barriers up the men and women sprayed the audience with oceans of Sprite, ice and other heavier plunder. The 6’4 200lb weight lifting champion fo...[Read More]

Brave Saint Saturn Brings Astro-Rock

Members of Five Iron Frenzy bring you a new project of both stellar message and music. Astro-rock and space pop are the new lingo used for this Brave Saint Saturn (Tooth & Nail Records) album of a space age story that both glorifies and pays homage to fallen heroes, whether on earth or in the heavens. The CD jacket tells a story of the USS Gloria and her five man crew on a three year mission t...[Read More]

Good Music Gives Peace of Mind

When you pop in a CD by a band called Peace of Mind (Tooth & Nail Records) some may have predisposed thoughts of what they’ll hear. The old saying goes sometimes you can guess a band’s music by their name. However this is very untrue of the ten tracks making up the self-titled disk. In fact the first 20 seconds begin with a certain word play irony. Turn It Up begins applying a noisy, scratchy ...[Read More]

Jesus Wept: From the Ashes of xDisciplex AD

After nine years playing as xDisciples AD the boys now known as Jesus Wept played their last show at the 2004 Facedown festival. They’ve returned with a new 7 song EP that starts with the gravel roar of an inner city mountain lion. Sick City is waist deep in swamp muck rock, sprinkled with punk and coated with a sinister sledged out delivery. There’s slow churning guitar work that could rival any ...[Read More]

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