Banned from Hell- Fall of Humanity

Banned from Hell- Fall of Humanity

Banned From Hell  is an Italian metal band hailing from Florence. Their style is basked in the multi-instrument, genre exploring realms of experimentation, black metal, Nordic styles and what Shadows Fall, Amon Amarth and Lamb of God might sound like morphed in with keyboards and gothic/horror themes and vampiric imagery.

In 2015 Fall of Humanity was recorded and made for the impressive ear that appreciates Swedish sounds, power metal, deathcore and prog. It’s a concept record that lyrically connects social commentary, splatter gore horror theatrics and paranormal stories.
Keyboardist and backing vocalist, Mattia Montesano came up with the band concept in 2010 with guitarist Leonardo Roina. In 2012 with a completed lineup they recorded the five-track Nightmare EP receiving praise from the Italian underground. They’ve since shared stages with Rotting Christ, Eyehategod, Cryptopsy and Cattle Decapitation.

Fall of Humanity is atmospheric and bloodletting with monsters, madman, beasts and screams laden with industrial atmospheres and Uber horror combining the sounds of Sepultura, Testament, Euro symphonic metal and death growls.
MMXVI’s synthetic soul sings out its song accompanied by dramatic overtures, bombastic, classical, black metal and horroresque in nature. Like an action scene playing to a kaleidoscope.

You are my Blood hits early and hard with blast beats and hard riffs as the trapped, discarded and forgotten souls scream out.  Thrash horror-core, melodies with Viking and Nordic influence with thumping bass and power drums.

I’m not abstract is dirty, heavy, with a Fear Factory vibe and cybernetic where heavy machinery meets industrial guitar. There’s a circulating feel to the guitars and synth.

Bleeding Digital equals Cradle of Filth meeting Dragon Force. Hate has some rare clean vocals with thrash and ‘80s keyboard atmosphere.

Nightmare starts in the parlor with horror driven guitars like a damsel chased into the woods by dark ravenous beasts. Atmospheric blasts of arctic black metal doom, blast from the keys as guitars fume like breath from an angry, hungry wolf.

Murder Validation plays like aristocratic approval before the grandeur’s destroyed by monarch crushing guitars and keyboards breaking up the class structure.  

Fall of Humanity is part heavy metal, horror movie, part classical early Victorian, loud passion play and a shout out to the creatures of the night, predatory, haunting and otherwise.

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