Blind Bob’s

Curse of Cassandra Release Nekonomicon at Blind Bobs

Ohio’s feline fatale Curse of Cassandra played Blind Bob’s Friday, November 17 releasing their spell casting  Nekonomicon album. Surrounded by a diverse crowd of cosplay, costumes, cat and kitten fans and those who were electro-friendly. Despite past tour issues, Cassandra has made a reputation of proven persistence and resilience in the face of devastating roadblocks. Cincinnati trio, Playfully Y...[Read More]

Curse of Cassandra at Blind Bobs

Saturday June 25 Dayton’s electro-pop cult duo Curse of Cassandra played their last local show at Blind Bob’s heading out to tour the country and eventually go overseas. They will return to Ohio for a Cincinnati gig but otherwise will live the traveling regional, national vagabond lifestyle, converting one crowd to the Cult of Cats at a time. Proceeds of the show went to The Tenth Life  cat adopti...[Read More]

Mouth of the Architect Play Path of Eight at Blind Bobs

Saturday May 14, Cincinnati and Dayton came together at the Oregon District, gathered for three loud bands intricate and diverse in style with heavy deliverance accompanied by talent that were diverse in difference but were welcomed and appreciated by the “metal” crowd. Whether it was keyboards, synthesizers, guitars or a big screen projecting trippy visuals, the crowd gathered, filling Blind Bobs...[Read More]

Psychedelic Sounds at Blind Bob’s

Saturday Jan.16 Blind Bob’s hosted three bands, ranging in sound as much as appearance. The two-thirds Dayton showcase brought locals Babbling April and SKRT to the stage with Cincinnati’s Comprador sandwiched comfortably in-between. Each brought a signature sound with elements of their own style while psychedelia was the evening’s theme. Babbling April started with the most calming, subtle noise ...[Read More]

The Architects of Ohio Metal at Blind Bob’s

Saturday May 26th, four Ohio bred metal bands came to Blind Bob’s to make noise, scream, yell and thrown down in a small deadly space, where the moshers really danced and the pit was much more friendly than the ones outside. Columbus’ Northern Widows opened with a short set of six songs, just long enough to keep the hardcore fans attention, because Sargent D was coming, and you’re all on his list....[Read More]

Red Moth Records Swarm of Talent Infest Oregon District

  Friday September 20 Red Moth Records took over Blind Bob’s for an evening of nightmarish stylistic mental flossed loud metal. Some heavily metaled influenced hard rock and some unique 70’s rock throwback instrumentals. Red Moth mates I Died Trying, Mangrenade, Bearer of Bad News and head honcho Close the Hatch played an entertaining bill of uniquely diversified sound along with Kentucky’s B...[Read More]

SITH, Horlet, King Stench, Zuel Bang Heads on Friday the 13th

  Friday the 13th has been associated with many bad things for a long time. Historically, theories suggest the combination of two superstitions claiming 13 as an unlucky number and Friday as an unlucky day are partially responsible for its original bad reputation. In numerology 12 stands for divine organized arrangements and completion (12 months, 12 hours of the clock) 13 is thought of as ir...[Read More]

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