Lost Dogs-Nazarene Crying Towel

The 2003 release from Derri Daugherty, Terry Scott Taylor and Mike Roe prove you don’t have to blast guitars, drums and vocals to wall shaking levels to create a catch along sound. In fact the Lost Dogs do the exact opposite, unplugging guitars, turning off amps and laying soft vocals in the mic playing music […]

Jonah 33 Writing Musical Stories

The first release from Jonah 33 may not be a concept record but it paints a musical tale with eleven chapters from beginning to end. Each song stands firm on its own but also fits nicely into a continuing message. So if you’re on the creative side and like a plot along-side your rock here’s […]

Experience the Alternative

We are three years into the new millennium and things are looking good so far. God’s gotta have a smile on his face when the headphones come off. Tooth & Nail Records offers todays Christian Music Fan a taste of the best in the biz with Experience the Alternative. One thing is for certain, this […]

Gathering Grounds Bring Live (Loud) Music to all

The Vaughn’s dream is starting to cement itself into the Dayton history books. Their creation of live/loud coffee house tunage has found a home here in the Miami Valley. The Gathering Grounds is a coffee house young adult club hang out with stage, ample speakers, beverages, snacks and a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere where people seeking […]

Benjamin Gate Blasts Open at Gathering Grounds

Warning! Warning! The encircled gas mask logo forewarns listeners that prolonged exposure to the Gate will open eardrums and senses to loud, infectious tunes and hip hop’ish, jump up and down beats that might make you do the aforementioned, maybe even boogie a little. The shackles, chains and locks blast off as it flies open, […]

Mammoth City Messengers

Forefront Records is proud to unleash the newest in interactive, kid-friendly, and Internet partnered, biblical fun. The end of January brings us Volume One of the Mammoth City Messengers, a soundtrack to a line of comic books about five preteens that must join forces to save the Mammoth City kids from the mind controlling clutches […]

Pivit Plex is Under Museum Quality Glass

Emerging from the mountains of Montana, Pivit Plex is a blend of retro 60’s, 70’s sound with alternative/contemporary rock. The formula creates a unique refreshing sound that caught on with fans across the country almost immediately. Under Museum Quality Glass offers had bobbing rock and roll, which manages to play well along-side some acoustic balladry. […]

Parachute Band Offers Glorious Sounds

New Zealand based Parachute Band brings North America it’s fifth offering of Glorious sounds. The band takes a unique approach on traditional ballads adding some groove adapting to any given environment. Glorious reflects the groups South Pacific roots while embracing the mountain chains and jungle-green forests. So Sing puts the energy back into Sunday morning […]

David Crowder Band Illuminates

It’s a pretty cool thing when your album debuts at No. 1 on the Christian retail chart. Selling 13,935 units in the first week isn’t bad either. And getting heavy rotation on K-LOVE (the largest Christian music network) with critics raving about each song with remarks like ‘taking giant leaps forward’ to ‘poetic richness’ means […]

Christopher Lewis Rhythm and Praise

Christopher Lewis’ new CD is a collection straight from the organ pit of your local arena revival party. The crowd cheers and claps along while the MC shouts praises over the musical notes blasting from the pipes. Add the choir with unison of heavenly hymns and you’ve got Rhythm and Praise. This is Lewis loud, […]

See Spot Rock… Again

Friday March 12 the second See Spot Rock Tour plowed into Tipp City invading The Avenue featuring five bands ranging from rock to rap. The auditorium was packed with loud, bouncing kids screaming to the onstage energy. This year’s line-up packed even more musical wallop with Big Dismal, Grits, Pillar, Skillet and 12 Stones. Promptly […]

Officer Negative Presents: The Death Campaign Project

The Death Campaign was definitely a unique listen. The albums artwork gives the potential listener an idea of what they’d be getting into. What has been recorded is a shotgun blast intertwined cacophony of punk, black metal and at least three different vocal styles. In this case the lyric booklet is mandatory unless you just […]

Skillet At The Avenue

The final show of the 2002-2003 season at the Avenue was a bombastic night of loud intensity, basically everything audience members have come to expect from the auditory noise room. Spot wasn’t there this time but the energy level from the previous show definitely hung in the air. Columbus’s energy junkies House of Hero’s opened […]

A Cry from the Congo

A cry from the Congo rings through the air, who will hear it. Thassende Lulonga, president of Vision for African nationals, hopes the churches and people of America will respond to the plea from the Congolese held captive in refugee camps in Tanzania. Vision for African Nationals is a non-profit organization that focuses on relief […]

Audio Adrenaline Flows

The Go Show stopped by the Dayton Convention Center March 29 for an evening of music, fun and Christian charged energy. Real Life pre-opened with keyboards and sax accompanied by five back-up singers. The co-keyboarder’s hands and body moved over the pad like an electric guitar. He personified a Christian Hendrix but high on life […]