Dark Harvest Records

Laid In Stone: Echoes Left Behind

  Detroit’s Laid in Stone release their first feature full-length Echoes Left Behind via Dark Harvest Records. Since 2009 the group’s toured constantly, last year self-releasing the record with the intention of hitting the top of the American heavy metal heap. In June they returned home inking a deal with Dark Harvest in August. Echoes is a record heavy on strong, catchy vocal harmonies count...[Read More]

Riksha Release: Dream Drops Red

  Jager band, Salt Lake City’s, Riksha deliver Dream Drops Red on Dark Harvest Records. A trippy, atmospheric blend of Opeth meets Rage Against the Machine with some Prong flavored energy jolted in. Vocalist Palmer performs the unique task of delivering main vocals with the lyrical rap like rasp of Zach de la Rocha, adding dreamlike background voices ALA Opeth sounding like a masked backward ...[Read More]

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