Dayton Art

The Art of Phobia’s at Clash Dayton

On Friday Nov. 4 the annual Phobia’s art exhibit was hosted by the Oregon Districts Clash Dayton showcasing artistic representations of clinically proven phobia’s ranging from fairly common to uniquely curios. Over 30 local artists put their work on display showcasing their work through painting, molding, photography, crafts, toy modification and other unique, creative and bizarre mediums. Each pi...[Read More]

Repurposing Nature with Them Bones

Art is a very subjective, creative medium. Some use paint and pencils, while some use other kinds of materials to create works of art. Though you’ll never see her art in a graveyard, you might see her in the “pet semetary.” After all, they do come back, with her, but only in skeleton form. She could be called the Ed Gein of the post mortem animal planet and the Frankenstein of the animal kingdom s...[Read More]

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