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Ice Age – Reformed to Thrash Again

  Gothenburg, Sweden’s all female thrash group Ice Age started in 1985. They’ve sold thousands of demos, toured Europe with major festival appearances and their fan base and profile was growing without major label or indie support. Almost three decades after their split they’ve returned with debut release Breaking The Ice, available through GMR Music. The Ice Age began in 1985 when voca...[Read More]

Tad Morose Hails St Demonius

A fierce, honor bound war-code is sung, fought and settled through the blood stains of generations within the twelve new songs of St. Demonius. Ronny Hemlin sings and shrieks his way to the battlefield. His voice shrills and peaks carrying the strength and power of reinforced armor with shield in hand. You can smell the blacksmith’s hot iron shaping the steel and the fresh pre-battle morning air b...[Read More]

Scream Arena Hits The Spotlight

    With a basic, honest garage sound approach to the spotlight lit arena stage York England’s Scream Arena showcase a sound heralded in the 80’s bringing both the nostalgic decadence and a few new ingredients to the tried and true sunset formula. Formed by Andy Paul, taking musical and vocals hints and nods from LA Guns, Wasp, Tuff, Asphalt Ballet, Kingdom Come, Shotgun Messiah and Michael M...[Read More]

Kansas City’s Cimino Delivers Angels & Animals LA Style

  It’s often said that youth is wasted on the young. Try telling that to Kansas City quartet Cimino  who clock in at the ripe and wisdom expounding ages of 20-21 and who put out their first album before they could legally drive. “For being 15, the music Kyle was writing was incredible, well beyond his years to say the least,” reflects drummer, Sebastian Anderson says of sing...[Read More]

John Taglieri Brings Southern Paradise

John Taglieri has released 11 albums on his own terms, a DIY lifer so to speak.  Taglieri released his eleventh effort Southern Paradise mid last year. The six-song EP showcased brand new songs that are upbeat sing-a-longs reflecting his life at the moment. Spending a lot of time in Key West as well as traveling, Taglieri is at a point in life and career where he’s found a great balance. This rele...[Read More]

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