Death Koolaid bring more Poison on Vol. 2

The seven songs on the new release from Death Koolaid could be compared to the thought process of a straight jacketed inmate running into walls playing cranium bumper car. Death Koolaid’s music is loud, erratic, abrasive, screaming in your face with rude intent. Vol. 2 is a fast paced pit serenade to the speed of […]

A Darker Color Bright

A one man band from the Midwest, shrouded in mystery, prompted not on name recognition or image but on the sounds and talent of his work and imagination. Sometimes the greatest complex depth and detail comes from simplicity. A Darker Color Bright, whoever it is, is 100% responsible for what you hear on the six-song […]

Gears Churn for the Young Miami Machine

There’s new blood brewing in the hottest parts of Miami, Florida. With four guys hungry for the road playing shows and venues with high velocity arena attitude, and strength of character proven by a major early-career accident that could’ve and would’ve derailed a lesser inclined band. Playing a mixed sound of Sevendust meets Alice in […]

She Must Burn Releases Debut EP

  London, England’s, symphonic black-death metal haunting hybrid She Must Burn might look and sound like a witches inquisition spell gone three times worse, conjuring darker forces than planned. She Must Burn say’s hello from jolly old England with its unrelenting and unapologetic self-titled EP via Artery Recordings, bringing the UK back to the uber-laced […]

Darkc3LL Devolve to Destroy with Decadence

From the dark chambered depths of Frankenstein castle comes the abominable creation of Alice Cooper’s lost angry love child grown up under the nurturing guidance of Cradle of Filth and Marilyn Manson. A few too many inhales from the Zombie hog hell-pipe comes Darkc3ll. Darkc3LL take the heavy hillbilly sound and mix with the high […]

September Mourning’s Reaping Begins

The prayers of the Children of Fate have been answered with the first chapter of the September Mourning saga. Our snow-white-locked human/reaper hybrid queen has unleashed the first collection of songs to the alpha of the story. Bound and bonded in white armor, arms strapped, September takes us on a journey to the world of […]

From Ashes To New Rise on Day One

From Ashes to New arose from the blue collar work ethic of Lancaster, Pennsylvania with a new hybrid sound and delivery conjoining rock and rap, laced with infectious energy and melodious hooks. There have been many stories of bands using their bleak, desolate atmospheres and surrounding skylines as inspiration for impassioned, enraged epic tunes. Bands […]

Urilia Conjure The Adversarial Light

A new abomination rises from the ashes off the sweet, shinning streets of sunny LA bringing forth ancient underground doctrines. A new wave and breed of extreme metal engraved in the Luciferian path and inspired by the works of Michael W. Ford. Scene veteran Kristof Bathory has taken his new bands philosophy of destroy to […]