International Bands

Scarleth’s Silver Lining

Two records into their career, Kyiv, Ukraine’s, Scarleth have written, sculpted and recorded music that speaks beyond a band releasing their sophomore effort. Through numerous member changes they’ve crafted a sound blending Euro symphonic influence with thrash and modern melodious rock. Scarleth is Victor Morozov (guitar), Yana Kovalskaya (keyboards), new vocalist Ekaterina Kapshuk, Igor Chumak (b...[Read More]

Kraptor’s Night of the Living Dead

    San Cristabol, Venezuela’s Kraptor is an old school punk-thrash throwback to the cross over days of DRI and crowded early pits of Exodus, Sepultura and Slayer, harnessing the late 80’s-early/mid 90’s sound bringing it modern day. Singer Felipe Alvarez yells with a deep Kurt Brecht like bulldog yell and a bit of John Tardy’s death-doom growl. Inspired by both theatrical and real-life ...[Read More]

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