We Are The Damned

We Are the Damned are no strangers to the Euro extreme metal scene with two EP’s (Metal Classics Vol. 1 &2) and two albums The Shape of Hell to Come and Holy Beast to their credit. Their newest Doomvirate, the Portuguese grinders first with Lifeforce Records  out in late May,bring an abrasive hardcore, punky crustcore, […]

Man Must Die: Peace Was Never an Option

  Grindcore driven with guitar riffs screaming from the fret board, sweating bullets as the drum kit goes ballistic at new warp speeds. As a severely pissed off voice yells out ground shaking, cynical diatribes about government control, regulation, individual rebellion, personal demons and the lost faith in humanity. This is Peace Was Never an Option, […]

Hanging Garden Release I Was A Soldier EP

  Scandinavian six piece Hanging Garden release their second offering this year after their Lifeforce Records debut At Every Door earlier this year. Known for their talent of bringing out the dueling emotions of depression and hope in their intricately influenced creations, available November 18th, I Was A Soldier is a unique if not perplexing […]