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From Israel to Texas Seek Irony Play Tech N’ Roll

Arising from the burgeoning music scene of Tel Aviv, Israel, Seek Irony’s founding brother’s vocalist Kfir and drummer Rom Gov felt it was time to make the change to a new level and move the band to the US. They picked Austin, TX “The Live Music Capital of the World” to be their new home down south. Living and experiencing the vast multicultural surroundings of their homeland, they have breathed in...[Read More]

Ben Draiman The Past Is Not Far Behind

      Born and raised in Chicago Ben Draiman has been a singer-songwriter and pianist since age 13. Music’s in the family as his older brother David’s the voice of hard rock arena filler Disturbed and techno-metal outfit Device. Influenced by a large variety of genres he mixes a unique concoction pairing melodic and hard rock edgy guitars with the gentle soft kiss of the piano and o...[Read More]

Stone Soul Foundation’s Electric Valley

  Auburn New York’s Stone Soul Foundation is a classic-rock rooted, southern strained outfit with a bit of grunge, funk and Sabbath mixed into a road-rage crockpot. Singer Sean Muldoon can sing, yell and yarl with the best of’em possessing a unique vocal range fitting for a band of such distinct sound. Formed in 2002 and hundreds of shows later they’ve had track Ain’t No Mystery featured on C...[Read More]

Trash The Brand Bring Swamp Rock

   From the ‘magic highway’ between Memphis and Nashville, playing their own set, sorting through the finest Delta Blues, Country Gold and rock mixed with metal comes Jackson Tennessee’s Trash The Brand. Bringing their own brand of sweaty, smelly noise called ‘swamp rock’. They’ve somehow captured the sound of what BLS, Alice In Chains and some of your favorite 80’s LA metal bands would sound like...[Read More]

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