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Testament Bring Damnation to Cincinnati

(2008) Damn, my ears are still ringing from the pure raw chord shredding power of one Alex Skolnick. My neck still hurts from the massive head-banging commanded upon me by one of the true titans of metal Mr. Chuck Billy. Another major band can be crossed off my list of metal bands I need to see in person before they retire or pass on. Testament is one of the veteran 80’s thrash bands who shared es...[Read More]

Metallica Bring Death Magnetic to Columbus 11-17-08

Say what you will about the mighty Met but after all these years, the alcohol, the burnings, Napster, Jason’s departure and a few ‘less than heavy’ records, the band that started in the early 80’s as one of the big thrash four, sharing honors with Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax prove they can still pack a house with yelling, screaming fans and pulverize stage and eardrums with 2 hrs. + of ungodly lo...[Read More]

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