Bellusira Heal with Second Offering

Bellusira translates to beautiful anger. While there’s plenty of beauty in the current lineup powerhouse vocalist Crystal Ignite belts out the anger along with bassist Mark Dalbeth, drummer Tosha Jones and former Static-X guitarist Koichi Fukuda. Bellusira’s second helping The Healing has sing-a-longs, ballads, rockers and revenge tunes. The music is POD meets Eyes Set […]

Murder F.M. Wishes You Happily Never After

  Murder F.M. take great pride and delight in taking your favorite childhood stories, turning them into loud, ruckus anthems and hymns of emotional loss, mental decay and the thrills of the carnival carnivore eating your innocence away. Born in the southern heat of Dallas, TX and run on Lone Star State pride. Murder FM […]

Straight Line Stitch’s Transparency

Sticking to your guns is an admirable trait in the music business. With a never ending, winding highway of trends going around at autobahn speed, it’s so easy to jump on the ‘current thing’ and make a buck. For longevities sake though, Alexis Brown has pursued her vision of what Straight Line Stitch is and […]

A.D.D. Metal to the Core

Ever wonder what Doro Pesch fronting Godsmack might have sounded like? What if Sully Erna had a similarly guttural throated sister? Chicago-based A.D.D. is starting 2015 with a bang, releasing their 2nd full-length album Core via Pavement Entertainment. So far they’ve achieved independent success with 6,000 CD’s sold and over 4,000 paid downloads. They have shared stages […]

Romantic Rebel

  Chicago’s Romantic Rebel releases their self-titled debut via Pavement Entertainment on April 29th. Founded in 2012 by siblings KT Paige (vocals) and Alex Vincent (guitars) with Danny D on bass and Marcus Lee on drums. An instant promotion machine, they immediately booked shows, distributing free music to build a fan base and filming a video […]

Feel Never Real Delivers Rock Rebel Gold

Started in 2004 by Tim Jones, Mathew Cass, and Shea Lange, Feel Never Real takes hard driving melodic rock into fresh, unpredictable territory and litters it with elements from numerous musical genres. The songs, memorable and emotionally rich are added to by their eclectic personalities and incredible passion for the material they create and play […]

One-Releases Debut Worlds Collide on Pavement Entertainment

Montreal’s hard rock trio One signed with Pavement Entertainment in 2013 after their last tour. Worlds Collide, due April 1st, is their first release on PE with a North American tour to follow. Three records, they’re first two Never Say Never and Dirty Valentine independently released, two awards, 500 plus shows, several video’s and member […]

Scent of Remains Emerge Under A Blackened Sky

    Walking out of a demolished building, blood and sweat soaked from a human wrecking ball of a growling, screaming, singing brutal noise trifecta with wailing guitars, rolling grooves and memorable hooks comes Knoxville Tennessee’s Scent of Remains. They truly are a metal band defying description, breaking genres, sub-genre rules and not giving a […]

Emperors and Elephants Debut Devil In The Lake

God only knows how many meant-to-be-forgotten secrets are buried and hidden at the bottom of the lake. Well, the devil might know to and take some responsibility/credit for them being there. Chicago’s Emperors and Elephants bring 2014 the best from the bottom with a crane-hook drenched in swamp muck and a fresh new fist-thrown mix […]

The Persevering Promise An Illusion in Shambles

  Post-hardcore band The Persevering Promise has swept the country opening eyes and ears to their version of the screaming sometimes beautifully sung sounds of Matt Hoos and the melodic/screeching voices of Jesse Barton and Hampton Amos. On their Pavement Entertainment release An Illusion in Shambles the post punk guitars carry plenty of crunch (all […]

NerVer Brings Out The Bullfighter

Seven Mary Three’s Casey Daniel has delivered the Pavement Entertainment debut of his side project NerVer.  Bullfighter is 14 songs of hard rock, motorcycle engine burning gasoline dreams down the sun scorched highway, sweating in leather while pounding fists and shots. Mixing a Molotov cocktail of BLS, Chrome Division, Monster Magnet and Butthole Surfers Daniels […]

KingShifter Delivers 26 Tons

  Deep within Wichita Kansas is where Sprout, Kink, David Steinbach and Derek Ludewick call home. KingShifter is all about the booze, riffs and keeping the ladies happy… of course. Their new record and debut with Pavement Entertainment is an often fast sometimes slower chuggernaut of hard grooved melody and fast rocking bar backroom pummeling […]

The Charm The Fury: A Shade of My Former Self

The Charm The Fury

  Holland’s best kept secret The Charm The Fury release A Shade of My Former Self,  a record full of loud screaming metalcore sound, black metal noise and influences from The Dillinger Escape Plan to The Black Dahlia Murder. Lead by howling screamer Caroline Westerndorp, delivering 10 songs of loud, all in the pit worthy […]