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Norma Jean Wrongdoers

Norma Jean Wrongdoers By Mike Ritchie Atlanta’s Norma Jean www.facebook.com/normajean release their sixth record and second offering from Razor & Tie, Wrongdoers. 11 tracks of loud in your face noise combustion, performing like bombs going off in your living room.  Drenched in screaming metaphor the lyrics pound your face with  annihilation minded symbolism. If You Got it at Five You Got it at...[Read More]

Sworn In Deals The Death Card

Chicago’s producers of mind warping metalcore/hardcore escapism to small, dark hideous places Sworn In  deliver their debut, The Death Card to an audience that can appreciate its rapid fire hammer to the brain subtleties and water torturous echoes of fading sanity. The 13 songs on The Death Card are an insane asylum’s delight as ripe and delicious as a sample from Renfields personal party platter....[Read More]

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