The Courtyard Lounge

Mindmaze plays the Courtyard

Sunday August 14, four bands played the Courtyard Lounge in Englewood. Dayton’s Letters to the Blind, Cincinnati’s Warcurse, Iris Divine from VA, and MindMaze from Allentown, PA. Letters started it off with the black metal tinged beginning of “Suffocate.” Ringing in the cyber power metal, prog influences with some thrash flavor. They pulled from the mighty book of Priest mixing Maiden and NWOBHM s...[Read More]

Courtyard Brings in the Loud New Year

Twas the second night of 2016 and all through The Courtyard every creature was stirring, welcoming the new year with loud intensions and two day hangovers. Split the Abyss, Saint Christopher, Eyes on Orion, Vital Stomp, Tyler Henry, John Hendry and the El Nino influenced winter Forces of Nature started the new metal year off strong. Making their Courtyard return the Cincinnati foursome Split the A...[Read More]

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