Child Bite’s Strange Waste

Child Bite’s Strange Waste

Michigan noise punk experimenters, Child Bite, bring forth the unique cathartic and artistically obnoxious banging’s of their Strange Waste EP on Housecore Records.
Its music for losers, so they say of the nine-track recording, recorded and self-produced at Russian Recording in Indianapolis, Indiana. Strange Waste is the follow-up to their Morbid Hits EP, a collection of Anal Cunt covers with Phil Anselmo on vocals. Clocking in a wee bit under 20 minutes, Strange Waste is sprayed and splattered by any and every noise one can imagine coming out of an angry guitar, drums and bass with multiple personalities.

If Oderus Urungus and Buffalo Bill sang for Dillinger Escape Plan and did their version of a few Nine Inch Nails tunes, we’d have Child Bite.

“Still F-d Up After All These Years” is a minute of March of the Pigs if Reznor went trash punk while you’re coming on to an acid trip and all the faces around you melt off leaving you dancing with the zombies.

“Garbage Odyssey,” a punk version of a dumpster dive, no hippies needed. The voices and screams of the long buried, rotted and rusted are shook and banged out of the heap and their discarded stories therein. It’s a kind of rockabilly, slam bam trash jam.

“Sinking In Your Skin” is a quick, almost a minute and a half mind bender on guitar with technical prog guitars sounds coming out like pin pricks to the brain. It’s a hodgepodge of Gorguts meets Dillinger Escape Plan.

“Molestation of the Arts,” Rage Against the Machine played in a tunnel with hallucinagectic guitars stalking the ear, chasing you down that dark stone tube after midnight fighting back the attacking graffiti shadows.

“Mongoloid Obsession,” we’re all freaks in the pit, dancing to the beat of the dark carnival.

“In a Cloud of Blood_Blog Infinity” leaves an immediate impression with almost a minute worth of acoustic bliss before the bizarro buzz and groove of the next three and a half minutes finish the disk, an Opeth length tune in punk standards.

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