Citizen’s Brigade Pull Out 13 Shiny Guns

Citizen’s Brigade Pull Out 13 Shiny Guns

13 Shiny Guns


Columbus’s hard rock, heavy blues playing five-some Citizens Brigade  have unleashed their debut album 13 Shiny Guns. The disc un-holsters 13 shiny new tracks filled with the working man’s ethic: hard earned, hard played blues and influences ranging from Black Sabbath to the Black Crowes. 13 Shiny Guns delivers the boozy blues and hard rock double fist fight of a backwoods brawl behind the woodshed. Troy Bennet’s vocals greet Elvis, Danzig and play Chris Isaak’s wicked game with a rockabilly twang.

The title track shoots off with a harmonica solo into a back-porch juke, jive and jam honky tonk’en on a XXX rated jug of shine. It’s a good ole cow tippin’ tune with an angry anthrax surprise. The Skynyrd-esque “Time Grow” is mid tempo enough to rock on the porch sipping some extra spicy strong ice tea then knocks the taste out of your mouth with a surprise ending sucker punch of thrash and speed. The tank’s a “Quarter Empty,” but there’s still plenty of diesel and gas to set the road on fire. “Noboy’s Cryin’” over you city fool so get back on the porch and mind yo’ damn business.




Memories of you are going 4 Feet Deep after drudging me through the emotional swamp muck and I’m burying the old powerful conjuring’s on a bed of liquid flowers flowing downstream to the currents deepest, darkest resting place.  ”In My Mind” opens the page on some early Van Halen in a backwoods, barn rehearsal room mud stomper. “Rock in a Can” shakes with some clankin hard edged influence from Faster Pussy Cat, Black Crowes and Black Sabbath. Speaking of, Kyle Campbell starts “Yeah” with a riff straight out of Tony Iommi’s personal collection.

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