Cloud Maze Says Maybe U Should Decide

Cloud Maze Says Maybe U Should Decide

Ever wonder what a happy, poppy-electro rock version of Pretty Hate Machine would sound like? In its short existence, Moscow’s Cloud Maze’s debut album Maybe, U Decide has already caused a stir in the Russian scene. Through constant touring with local to regional exposure the band’s unique diverse sound has quickly made its underground rounds, spreading the noise and word to the European music scene. Giving audiences nightly doses of catchy electro-rock, progressively edged and inspired by the creative genius of Nine Inch Nails and Muse. Maybe, U Decide has heated up stages and audience temperatures in the lovely Eastern Euro region. With relentless drive, recording and touring they plan to take Maybe, U Decide beyond Europe’s borders, electrifying an international audience.

Forget the power of the three wolves shirt. Singer/guitarist Sergy must have at least four fanged predatory creatures bursting out of him, with bassist Anfir and drummer Alex for the full effect of the bands, “Hungry like a Wolf,” attitude and determination to succeed.

“Dance” opens up with an electro-trans sound with rock guitars. “Moves” is like Marilyn Manson, Mechanical Animals era meets a video game soundtrack. “Trick” has an old-school Studio 54 disco groove as the cool, crisp, icy bite of “Winter” glistens on the Russian frost.

Cloud Maze’s first release has some odes to Bowie and Ziggy with vocals ranging from The Cure to a certain Reznor angst. It could be a unique transfusion of Lenny Kravitz meets NIN, but then again, maybe, you decide. Mother Russia are proud of their new blood, either way.

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