Consumption Of the Heart/The Collective Volume IV Play Englewood Cinema

Friday night September 28th local director Andrew Copp premiered the only Dayton theatrical showing of his new film Consumption Of The Heart. A 10 minute short that will be included in Jason Hoover’s upcoming collection of zombie themed films in The Collective Volume V premiering at the November Days of the Dead convention in Chicago. Filmed in two days Consumption is a living dead love story about a couple’s relationship on a downward spiral and how it’s changed when both undergo weird, mysterious physical changes which may or may not be caused by an outside epidemic.

Fans, viewers, local and regional filmmakers all watched taking part in a unique Q&A. Several pondered whether the broadcasted situation was the cause and if the resulting changes made a bad relationship better and drew the couple closer together in emotion and love till the bitter end or if it made a bad relationship worse with both deciding that even with the most dire of circumstances happening it was still better than going on as they were. Slyly, Mr. Copp wouldn’t reveal his true intent or message so we’ll just leave that to the viewer to decide.

Consumption takes a unique spin on the living dead genre and asks are they more dead or dying on the inside or out though the ‘consumption’ works on many levels. The music early in the film portrays the feelings of despair, physical neglect and being unwanted. Brandi Bishop does a great job of turning the situation to her advantage for better or worse taking charge and taking what she wants reawakening their passion and desire.  It could be considered the closest thing to a dark Harlequin novel that a blood splattered claustrophobic cannibalistic romance drama of the living dead can get. Mr. Copp seems to want certain questions to linger without answers and sometimes one’s own interpretation/enjoyment of the film ‘is’ the best answer.

Next up Jason Hoovers The Collective Volume IV: Emotions. This installment in the ongoing series features 10 short films 10 minutes long each showcasing a different emotion. Hoover never uses finished movies, he tells eager filmmakers what he wants and then they go out, produce and return with product. The collective covers a vast emotional gamut filmed in several cinematic styles each with its own creativity, story and delivery evoking a different response from the viewer.

3 O’Clock Productions shares the Regret of a genetic scientist who’s experiments take a violent and beastly turn for the worse in this unique crime/drama update of a classic horror tale. Liberty or Death Productions gets us all loose and filled with Lust when a female ghost hunter decades later visits the house of The Wedding Night Tragedy. She sets up equipment and starts to document and explore but slowly and surely becomes seduced by its spirited charms. Freakwolf Productions makes us Fear the dark and feel slightly awkward watching a not so subtle and creepy psychiatrist advice his patent on how to cure her fear. It’s all about taking baby steps my dear.

Dustin Mills Productions asks for Trust as the doomed main character scarfs down the most deadly Italian pie since Nightmare on Elm Street 4′s Soul Pizza. No worries though, ‘help’ is on the way. Over Analyzed Productions feels Envy with a blast of seedy street drama as Sara is jealous of her hot to trot working girl roommate Kate AKA Desire. After Kate goes out on call Sara takes a shot at customer service at the wrong time and ends up in the dubious clutches of the Crowe brothers but never fear Desire returns and an action tag team is born.

Winged Dolphin Productions tells the story of a sadists Schadenfreude. A somewhat bizarre take on Greek Mythology told with a deadly dose of dental dream analysis and sedative’s. Cinephreak Pictures is the Rage as we’re quickly reunited with the Hook Squad as Sara becomes Envy in this funny and action packed bullet flyin, jive talkin grindhouse thrilla.Seems Mama Crowe’s mighty peeved off about the demise of one of the brother’s so she sends out Brutus and his evil diabolical henchmen brethren to the warehouse to dispose of our heroic sassy gorgeous girl-power. It’s a beastly, juiced up, blood bath showdown for sure as Desire and Envy with new found help from a dice throwing killa pimp combat Mama’s sleazy spawn.  The chainsaw carrying, hockey mask wearing, HGH taking family’s pride and joy and the other hygiene challenged brother are ready to kill and mame. Not everybody’s comin home for dinner tonight.

Spiral Filmworks is in Denial as we learn about the most gruesome untold crime story of the early 90′s, the ‘true’ story of Martha ‘Grammy’ Louise Kemper the town church organist and nice old lady….. or so they thought. Told by narration we revisit the town,locations, sites and the house itself Six Degrees of Helter Skelter style while the gruesome, horrific, unspeakable discoveries and facts come to light about the truly sadistic, evil freak she was. Rivaling Gein, Dahmer and HH Holmes for over 6 decades Kemper amassed a staggering list of victims and a macabre museum of souvenirs. The film finishes with her trial, conviction and sentencing. Red Panic Button Films shows Hate a new face with a story of a destructive street punk loser that basically could care less about anything with a particular dislike for junkyard drivers side truck doors. He’s offered help and salvation mid way through but burns it in another act of rebellious pointless defiance. This one doesn’t have a pretty ending.

Last but certainly not least JABB Pictures causes us Grief by showing us the slow minute by minute, second by second basement torture of a guy who’s past has finally caught up with him and his poor completely innocent and unaware girlfriend. This short may be the biggest strain on the eyes making the viewer time conscious, appealing to fans of faux stuff films similar to August Underground. However this scene of circular torture may be the most impressive of the group considering the entire short is one continuous pan shot with no edits or re-takes. So all the yelling, screaming, dialogue and taunting had to continue for the full ten minutes and it was only shot once.

Hoover formed Jabb Pictures in 2008 teaching himself camera work, editing, producing and directing. His first film ‘Spike’ debuted in 2009 at HorrorHound weekend in Cincinnati and was chosen as an official selection at Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville Kentucky.  His second film ‘Polly’ debuted at HorrorHound March 2010. Receiving four out of five stars from several horror movie websites. With momentum on his side in March 2011 he started the Collective series hailed as the most unique short film collection of the independent scene. His first feature film is slated for an early 2013 release.

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