Curse of Cassandra Release Nekonomicon at Blind Bobs

Curse of Cassandra Release Nekonomicon at Blind Bobs

Ohio’s feline fatale Curse of Cassandra played Blind Bob’s Friday, November 17 releasing their spell casting  Nekonomicon album. Surrounded by a diverse crowd of cosplay, costumes, cat and kitten fans and those who were electro-friendly. Despite past tour issues, Cassandra has made a reputation of proven persistence and resilience in the face of devastating roadblocks.

Cincinnati trio, Playfully Yours opened with a color and light show reminiscent of disco days with a spot-lit arena touch. With as many blinking lights and glowing colors as a natural acid trip could allow they twisted knobs and pressed buttons. Guided by the center stage astral vocals of Katie Busemeyer, assisted by Brock and Maxx McKinley . They blended elements of early ‘80s synth and new-wave with touches of ‘90s alternative.  Conjuring visions of Siouxie, The Cure, The Smiths and a few early zombie/slasher flicks from the decade of indulgence.

“Wake the Dead” reached out with electro-retracting, twisting retro claws, conspiring with alluring cool blissful vocals. With keyboard whispers of Romero and ‘80s silver shamrock flicks.

“Future Fiction” found a Flock of Seagulls in a mid-‘80s in a symphonic synthesized flashback.   A fine young ‘80s tune was cannibalized, in a good way, on “She Drives Me Crazy.”

“Colorvision” ended the show like a rhythmic, murky, mirror-esque reflection, stirring with flowing water colors of the mind, painting with thought patterns.

Next, the Village Druids happened.  The ensemble of Chuck Blackwell, James Amos and  Kate Westfall brought a unique kind of musical, visual voodoo to the stage.

If the spirit from The Evil Dead chased, swallowed and spit out an Egyptian queen, a roman-esque dancing musician and medieval bassist into a YMCA, you’d get the Village Druids. The time-warped experience was half-toga party, half-Ren fest and half-Egyptian ritual with instruments and nearly unclassifiable in nature. Though, with so many influences, memorably different  might be accurate.

“Haunted by the Beat” symbolically lowered the disco ball as the boogie night’s party began. The ‘70s came swinging back, like club lights dancing off a white-caked mirror.

“Model Citizen” echoed Depeche Mode singing the condemnation of publicity the media gives celebrities doing jail time.

“Every Time it Rains” slipped in moody ballad territory. Remembering those fleeting, legendary dance floor encounters.

The Columbus duo of Bobbi Kitten and Z Wolf comprised Damn The Witch Siren. Bringing their unique version of witch rock and all the perfect, permeating colors that come from a poisoned apple.

With Kitten resembling a ‘80s Brigitte Nielsen and Sybil Danning in their prime.

The dance floor seduction began with the opening flirtation and pant of “Pearls and Lace” as the crowd’s feet moved and grooved in rhythmic response.

They sprinkled some Black Magic over the crowd with a few tastes of Mindless Self Indulgence on “Your Love is Frightening.”

“Thrill Me” got a bit wild with thrashing keys and Kitten playing the only guitar of the evening. She also took to the crowd mingling, grinding, and intertwining with volunteers.

“Sweetest Fruit” was a full-fledged flashback to early ‘80s flowing with youthful charm with beats reminiscent of Culture Club, Toni Basil, Missing Persons, and The Breakfast Club.

The garden of delight spilled out of the “Faerie Garden” like a pill induced nursery rhyme. With candy coated keys and Willy Wonka fantasies. Sparked memories of what once was. Too bad prince charming changes over time.

“Feelin’ Myself” danced dirty, grinding with industrial individual groove and Gwen Stefani style. A dose of star set reality ended the show with “Life Like Movies.” Like a True Blue, Lucky Star craving the spotlight from the trailer park bedroom.

Curse of Cassandra started the set hitting nocturnal keys with a gravely greeting from the goddess of magic “Circe” as the screen blasted out images of mischievous cats, Egyptian imagery and avant-guard footage. A few audience members even came up to celebrate birthdays and dance in the night’s flowing spirits.

Partial necro-romance with the sleeping death came from “Grimhilde” as “Gothel” bit and ripped immortal vampiric love offering eternal youth without sleep.

The Addams Family it wasn’t but “Morticia” offered her sweet, succulent, succubus lips to seduce and rapture those willing to embrace damnation. Keys mourned the buried lost souls trapped in her eternal grasp while hot note splashes reminded of her sorcery.

The “Bellatrix” came out to play with the tangy wisp of whipped leather and smell of domination. Wet lace brings out the best sax appeal for those so inclined.

“Rowan” knew no gender identity or sex in love. Follow thy heart, mind and desire.

All personal secrets and mysterious that night were kept and locked away in the cats eye on the slow and subtle climb of “Bastet.” The crowd got a “Re-Binding” remix  as the room full of Cleopatra’s cats meowed their way to an encore.


Images by Mike Ritchie

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