Them Damn Golers Re-Release In ‘n’ Outlaws

Them Damn Golers Re-Release In ‘n’ Outlaws


Vancouver BC’s The Golers were formed in 1998 after the disbanding of Subversion. They’ve built momentum over the course of 4 albums and massive touring. 1999’s South Mountain Style ushered in the classic Goler sound combining most, if not all, extreme metal styles with punk and thrash into one cohesive, speaker throttling sound.
Next was 2004’s 2nd Generation, showcasing a more polished sound gaining them a following in their hometown and elsewhere.

In 2009 their 3rd album Backwoods Messages was released spreading the Goler gospel further.
Bringing their own brand of hardcore crossover thrash with a punk edge, they’ve shared the stage and toured Europe and North America with Toxic Holocaust, Kreator, The Accused, Napalm Death, Suicidal Tendencies, Dayglo Abortions, Destruction, Ghoul and Prong.
Bassist Stuart Carruthers was once recruited by Dave Lombardo for his project Grip Inc.
We are very proud of our newest album “In ‘n’ Outlaws”; it’s a fine example of what we consider to be “The Goler sound”. It’s fast, evil, punk-metal!!!
The Golers clan consist of guitarist and vocalist Walter “Chainsaw Charlie Goler” Mason. His kin includes Derek “Henry the 1st Goler” Rockall on guitar and vocals, Stuart “Jonny Goler” Carruthers, bass and vocals and good ole Jason “Cranswick Goler” Mosdell on the hammer skins.  They’re all speed freaks by trade in the non-performance enhancement sense.

Whip out the chaw chewin’ ter-backy and start chugging down the shine, The Golers are here, from up north and they’re bringing noise louder than a chainsaw shredding screaming flesh and faster than a body through a wood chipper. Slamming the eardrums and lobes with a loud, blasting toxic blend of 80-90’s thrash speed metal played at punk sonic pace. Cousin Cleetus, brother Jethro and the banjo boy would be hop skippin’, plum tickled, critter eatin’ missing tooth grinning proud. Welcome to the “Inbred Militia”.

There’s some high speed dirt kickin’ up on those gee-tars with some high speed electric twanging on steroids that no mere fiddle could keep up with. The title track opens the album with a hard backwoods bitch slap of riffs in homage to the SOD, Nuclear Assault, Napalm Death and Slayer families. “Lemon Eyed Devil” is loaded with circle pit punk. ”Kamikaze” pounds the drums and bass into rotten earth. They go down the dark black metal “Path” to the nocturnal slave pit. Finishing with “Riff Cult-Relations” breaking out all the mosh friendly riffage and a few odes to Sepultura leaving the listener feeling dead and embryonic.

In ‘n’ Outlaws will be available February 6th.


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