Dead In The Manger Tease With Transience

Dead In The Manger Tease With Transience

Olympia, Washington based 20 Buck Spin continuously defies what extreme music genres are capable of with the label’s vast juggernaut roster containing top-tier acts from all realms and scenes of the underground and below, continuing this tradition with the introduction of the new mysterious entity known as Dead In The Manger.

Very little information was given to 20 Buck Spin regarding the unknown dark noise makers when they were initially contacted about a release.

With six songs under twenty minutes, chronologically named Parts I-VI, Transience infects the listener’s ear and current mental state with calculated premeditation, and is intended as a first glimpse at what they’re preparing for, as a debut full-length album is coming.

Part I: Starts with a transient soul-taking atmosphere coming from the deepest darkest corner of the minds asylum. Vocals that swallow your thoughts subconsciously, like half-conscious tranquility in its disturbed submerged delivery. An almost subliminal taunting with vocal haunts with a certain black metal charm with mind irking sounds, breaking the flow at a little past three minutes in.

Part II: Black metal blast beats come with acid spitting vocals and Cradle of Filth delivery causing delusions on a goblet filled well of absinthe.

Part III: Gets a little more groove with semi-automatic drums and a classic basement, dungeon dwelling sound with fellow spirits, demons and apparitions to help stimulate fear, tension and inspiration.

Part IV: Takes half black metal guitar and half Tool, merging into an impressive depressive pool of sound.

Part V: A weird message plays on the TV in a shaded, secluded, forgotten room with dark landscapes of sound shadows and moods decorating the walls like a bad nightmare that escaped the mind but got trapped in the fading paint.

Part VI: Breaks out the death metal screech with corpse paint and descending guitar chords telling the story of a falling soul.

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