Delta Deep Scorches the West Coast Blues Down South

Delta Deep Scorches the West Coast Blues Down South


Delta Deep is a new hybrid of blues, rock, metal and jazz scorching through the speakers like a branding iron melting away the decibels. Collectively, each member’s respective bands have sold over 100 million albums winning multiple awards entertaining millions around the world.

Delta Deep is Def Leppard’s Phil Collen, Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo, drummer Forrest Robinson, and powerhouse world traveled vocalist Debbi Blackwell-Cook.

The genesis of Delta’s creation came when Collen met the Motown singer in 2010. After singing at his wedding Cook became a regular and welcome house guest, singing on Collen’s other projects.

Fast forward to 2013 as Phil, wife Helen and Cook wrote the first of several tunes that would later become the record abroad. They continued recording the new material in Collen’s home studio in Southern California. During the sessions a chance meeting with Forrest Robinson would convince him to throw his metal, jazzed up influences into the rhythm section. Robert DeLeo was suggested for the four string spot adding blues and funk to the deep, hard but soothing bottom end boom supporting the high energy vocals and guitars.

From BB King to Led Zeppelin the album rings out decades of profound, diverse influence and experience, featuring an Uber kick ass VIP list of genre contributors including punk, classic rock and glam. Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook, Manraze bassist Simon Laffy on ‘Black Coffee with Whitesnake’s David Coverdale singing with Cook on ‘Private Number.’ Collen’s Def Leppard mate Joe Elliott melts vocals with Cook on the classic revved up remake of ‘Mistreated’ among other contributors.


“Bang the Lid” opens like a frying pan blast to the face with razzed guitar notes, spitting fire, blazing down the bayou with Cooks impassioned strong vocals. Hand clapping, tambourine shaking, gyrating pace, bringing the gospel choir to their feet and the audience to their knees.

On the smooth but potent “Whisky,” guitars slow down with the blues getting soft and slinky, like a loose night-gown ready to slide. Cooks voice is 90 Proof even at a lower register, trying to escape those brain colliding demons calling from the bottle. Old, down home spirits find a way to conjure up those temptation blues finding the souls weakest points. It’s the always-strong liquid song with squeezing bottle grip, beckoning for a pour and shot. Guitars scream and holler, convulsing the stories of too many souls, to many times not strong enough to say no.

“Down in the Delta” gets down, deep and dirty, dragging hells bottom with plenty of pissed off scorching attitude. Blues played with the demon’s voice of metal, steaming and smoking from the strings.

“Treat her like Candy” has Aretha Franklin’s spirit calling, with poppy, breathy delivery, with a 50’s flare. The lady’s a delicious sweet treat to the eyes. Treat her accordingly.

“Miss Me” digs into the dirt for a tight sturdy fit. Departure is sweet sorrow. Hard working, true loving genuine people are hard to find.

“Burnt Sally” is a sad, sad story. Guitars and vocals cry and pour out her guilt, shame and redemption, but no guitar even at its highest hilt or demeanor could talk the talk of that ladies walk.

There’s seduction in the subtle simplicity of simple notes trailing of like cigarette smoke as the ashes of another man’s attempt are tapped out on the floor on “Private Number.” Only that one special VIP gets that 10 digit special key.

“Shuffle Sweet” has a nasty, street sense dance craze feel with a swanky energy. An 80’s metal flavor with a 50’s dance and groove swagger.

“Black Coffee” has no cream or sugar for this hard working hand to mouth mother. Slow it down to a bitter sip of that straight up potent no thrills liquid wake up. It doesn’t care how tired or hung over you are, it’ll smack you in the mouth on contact and you’ll ask for another. It’s an early morning ode to the drink with a nod to its sometimes sweet cousin, black tea.

“Feelit,” can you feel it? It’s a beautiful day, oceans of smooth sunshine with reggae, funk, blues and pop on the rays. Enough to get up and get those shoes poppin’ on the floor.

“Mistreated” is Deep Purple cranked to 2015 in the hands of the guy that played on Pyromania, Hysteria and Adrenalize (among others).


Despite their incredible, almost royal, lineup DD’s true goal is to make music that pays homage to the forefathers of the genre. Blending the low down soulful, everyday life emotions of hard times, hard choices and bad addictions with the screaming high velocity arena spotlighted guitars of rock and metal.

There are plenty of personal stories for each member beneath the lyrics and notes. From persecution for a forbidden, mocked love of metal to early redemption on the skins playing jazz and R&B to church raised youth, early marriage and singing for his holiness the Pope, Delta Deep has provided releases and flood gates to open for all members respectively. The music created from these experiences will delight ears and bring tears to eyes.

Currently available on Mailboat Records.








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