Dwellers Release The Pagan Fruits Of Labor

Dwellers Release The Pagan Fruits Of Labor


What would a jam session circa mid-late 60’s, early 70’s sound like if Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, The Doors, Soundgarden, Grand Funk Railroad and Alice In Chains were all jamming in the same room with Glenn Danzig, Layne Staley and Chris Cornell trading vocals? Pagan Fruit takes the darkness from Sabbath, dark depressive tones of Alice, the trippy psychedelics of The Doors blending each into the same ever changing, mind apparatus expanding painters pallet. Let ‘the trip’ begin.

Salt Lake City “gut rock” trio, Dwellers is pleased to spread the seed of their sophomore full-length, Pagan Fruit, later this Spring via Small Stone Records.

Creature Comfort begins the ride as the acid filled disco ball drops down spinning wild light and shapes around the room in a trippy 360 blend of 60’s and 70’s psychedelic classic hard rock. It mixes slow, relaxed jazz club sounds in a rock club atmosphere and guitars burning out chords and melody like a finely rolled joint. Totem Crawler, Return to the Sky and Rare Eagle have tastes of Sound Garden with broad, bluesy Sabbath brush strokes. Son of Raven takes a page from Mr. Morrison and the hazy shade of The Doors.

Devoured by Lions, is a trippy-ass rocker of harmonica induced road house blues. The sound of what would’ve happened if Cornell ever sang for Sabbath and Iommi/Butler played for Soundgarden. Spirit of the Staircase channels Layne Staley’s inner most turmoil. Call of the Hallowed Horn sounds off with disturbed guitars and organs of the damned, lost in the depths and murk of swampy soundscapes.
The terrible triplets are confident they’ve upstaged themselves with Pagan Fruit.  An album that both exceeds the lysergic power chord trip initiated on Harakiri and expands the band’s collectively creative horizons into realms never before explored. Beyond the subliminal and multifaceted influences, picked up by discerning listeners on Good Morning Harakiri , ranging from Hawkwind to Soundgarden, Monster Magnet to Captain Beyond, Sons of Otis to the Screaming Trees, the songs found on Pagan Fruit reveal novel, dynamically varied musical touchstones as far reaching as vintage Neil Young & Crazy Horse and Goat’s Head Soup-period Stones.


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