Gathering Grounds Bring Live (Loud) Music to all

Gathering Grounds Bring Live (Loud) Music to all

The Vaughn’s dream is starting to cement itself into the Dayton history books. Their creation of live/loud coffee house tunage has found a home here in the Miami Valley. The Gathering Grounds is a coffee house young adult club hang out with stage, ample speakers, beverages, snacks and a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere where people seeking good music without the distractions of alcohol, smoke and foul language can enjoy the sounds and positive messages of local regional, global acts showcasing the very best in Christian hard rock, rap, pop, metal and hardcore.

Steve and Lynn Vaughn first started their vision in an unmarked building off Airway Road then temporarily moved into the auditorium of Hope United Methodist Church. Now they are happily set up in a section of what used to be Karra’s Market at 4638 Wilmington Pike, a few doors down from Welton’s Bar and Grill in the Wilmington Heights Shopping Center.

For those not quite bar age the Gathering Grounds provides everything one needs to enjoy a night of rock and roll. After receiving the stamp of approval, the visitor is welcome to browse the merchandise tables of the evening’s entertainment, usually no less than 2-3 bands. They can check out the aquatic artwork decorating the long wall and frequent the snack bar for a wide assortment of sweet delights including smoothies.

Their schedule is weekly including praise and worship. Tuesday from 7-10 free admission, Thursday 2-4-8 night 7-11 pm, 2 for $8 or $5 and Friday and Saturday alt/rock/hardcore 7-11 $5. Groups that have graced the stage so far this year include Strongbox, The Benjamin Gate, The Elms, Featherweight, Fools and Kings, My Existence, Sides of the North, Surviving Monday, Dead Poetic, Norma Jean, Luna Halo, along with a long list of who’s who in the local/national/global scene.

Today’s youth are subjected to drugs, alcohol, sex, diseases, pregnancy, suicide, murder and gang violence. The Grounds exist to give people a place of fellowship with no threat to their health or well-being. There’s no shortage of the real concert experience with mosh pits and crowd surfing a nightly activity. The Grounds also offers positive messages for those in search of God, lost or in search of spiritual clarity.

The Vaughn’s current promotion involves a 38 band competition lasting from April-June where the winners will receive a coveted spot at Cornerstone the Woodstock of Christian music. Two of their ultimate goals are to completely open the building and make it a much larger areas for patrons and to find a building large enough for a multi-million dollar recreated replica of the Old Testament’s Holiest of Holies showcasing its most sacred artifacts including the Ark of the Covenant.

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