Graves At Sea/Sourvein Bring the Doom May 13

Graves At Sea/Sourvein Bring the Doom May 13


Two of doom metal’s mightiest practitioners of feedback-laden riff worshippers, Portland’s Graves at Sea and Cape Fear’s Sourvein have united in sound, mind and spirit for the ultimate split of earth-smoldering amplifier worship.

Graves at Sea are Betting on Black with creepy ice cold guitars riffing into an insane asylums fragile mind while evil dead witches cackle out voices, possessed by the Necronomicon. The dirty, filthy dance party marathon celebration of every desolation, desecration and degradation. In this world, you lose every time. Riffs for midnight ritual bonfires, where no one can hear you scream or cry. Hailing the Sabbath, spinning in circles like an occultists turntable.

Confession is faster with a more underground sound and a mix of Cronos and the witch’s vocals shatter the confessional’s holiness with things that no breathing mortal should hear or know has occurred or is capable of happening. Carrying a hard thrashing groove pit ready to slam. If Dani Filth fronted a prog influenced Black Sabbath in the 70’s, the second half of the song would be it.

Sourvein  delivers three heavy offerings, the first being Drifter, a danceable opening drum beat into some truly dirty riffs introducing Robert Plant’s other side of the mirror doppelganger with an evil grin. What Zeppelin would sound like if they were doom laden with Sabbath riffage. Vocals get angrier as the Plant like howling gets higher with Kirk Windstein delivery.

Equinox is super spacey, like War Pigs tripping on acid intense guitars. Let the sacred sweet leaf smoke fill the space.

Follow the Light-to the other side where the Sabbath awaits.

Both sides were mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Beastmilk, Nails) at Audiosiege Engineering and will be released via Seventh Rule Recordings on both CD and LP on May 13th, 2014 during the two bands’ duel conquest, touring Europe and prior to their appearances at this year’s edition of the illustrious Maryland Deathfest. The first pressing of the LP will be limited to 1000 copies and come available on 160-gram black wax with an included download code. A recommended release, for fans of Eyehategod, Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, and all things loud, not cute and fuzzy.


“Sourvein…These riffs are so filthy and dirty, it’s like being held facedown in mud.” – Decibel

“Graves Of Sea have it all if you’re one of those people searching for the ugliest music possible – the tortured, downtuned slowness, the blackness that sticks to their sound like a layer of coal, and those vocals… a perfect compliment for the flesh-off-your-bones riffs of doom.” – Terrorizer

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