Immortal Bird’s New Dark Mechanical Vision: Empress/Abscess

Immortal Bird’s New Dark Mechanical Vision: Empress/Abscess

Sounding like the nuts, bolts and inner circularity of a new machine being slammed, sewn, welded and stitched together with the rapid-fire care of an assembly line creation, Immortal Bird brings its new debut full length out from the dark automated corner into the spotlight. It’s a definite noisemaker from its creators with parts incorporated from death and black metal. It’s technical and brutal carrying a perverse mechanized beauty, though the band only seems to walk by the enchanted black forest taking a peek inside but never going in.

The sounds/voice of hell comes from chi-town beauty Rae Amitay, who formally pulled double duty on drums and mic. For the new record she focused on lyrics and delivery with Garry Naples on drums. Guitarist Evan Berry and bassist John Picillo’s musical brilliance help construct the rest of the machine. Its finished parts glistening in tattered metal allure, dirt engrained gears and the soul of a well-used junkyard. Empress/Abscess is what a warped prototype of Fear Factory conjoined with NIN, voiced by Arch Enemy and innards fueled by Gorguts should sound like.

“Neoplastic” opens with bits of Opeth in the melancholy jamming guitars like rusted instruments in the grave with drums hitting like a dirt-burst back to life. Amitay’s roaring demonic tongue slashes through the frantic noise like a combo of Angela Gossow/Alissa White-Gluz’s vocal whip. The song continues into the sounds of a demon chained in a basement being tortured for confession.

“Saprophyte” has a subtle but fast paced guitar beginning with drums and odd notes followed by a steam hammer pounding on drums, giving birth to the construction of a new imperfect machine hybrid.

“The Sycophant” has an almost old school punk, slam dance feel entombed in its sound.

“To a Watery Grave,” black metal from the leaks in the basement to the Nordic sea with a piano sneaking in at four minutes in.

“And Send Fire” is a ten and a half minute closer with guitar notes from the depths of the abyss twisting and mangling their way up, inch by inch leveling out before everything erupts a little past two minutes in. A slowing pace starts at five minutes so all minions, dark and otherwise, can catch their breath. Drums and bass speed gallop back into chaos as guitars growl ushering in the post battle-apocalyptic aftermath.

Available July 14th, the follow-up to 2013’s Akrasia EP, former drummer/vocalist Amitay steps away from the stool, taking over full-time and full-throttle on the mic.

Amitay brought the eternal flying creature to life with help from cowriter and guitarist Evan Berry and bassist John Picillo. Their debut EP, Akrasia was released in December of 2013 to widespread unique reviews and descriptions from Decibel Magazine, The Chicago Reader, Ghost Cult and Last Rites.
Several national tours later they hit the studio to record Empress/Abscess. The record makes you hear all the wonderful darkness, dirt and filth locked inside. It’ll be released on cassette/vinyl on Broken Limbs Recordings while the band will self-release the CD/digital version themselves.
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