Incarnated Insist You Try Before Die


From the cold dank waters and surroundings of Poland, Zombieland starts the loud, brain stomping disk with the sounds of the almost dead, breathing their last troubled breaths gasping for air as life support gives out and flat-line. Drums then smash you in the face out of nowhere leaving scarring with bass and guitar that’s being bound and quartered. Pierscien’s voice of the dead opens, growling out the maggots exhaling post mortem life into words of hellish welcome to its listeners. The first of the disks sick symphonies has a few moments, as on other songs of somewhat clean delivered audibility. Second Side (out of mind) blast beats grunting with grinding guitars and a few extra accented hits of the meat mullet for extra special tenderization. Dead Eyes See Nothing is Crowbar on 10 shots of adrenaline and a speed cocktail. With a few doses of demonic cries offsetting the doomed growls and some unique buzz-saw guitar notes mid-tune.


Full of Victims is meat cutter riffs, industrial sliced by an erratic machine gone mad and beaten by drums, seasoned by pig shrieking vocals. Bloody Hands, just like Shakespeare, it doesn’t come off. A bit slower with the blood and guts version of a death metal band taking its time letting the music stain and stench the color onto the murderous hands of the incriminated. YouTube video, Madness finishes the disk with mind collapsing, sanity dividing riffs, cannon ball drums penalizing rational thought for occurring ending as the flat-line started.


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