Insatia – Phoenix Aflame

Insatia – Phoenix Aflame

High-spirited, high-flying female fronted symphonic metal from Tuscan by way of Montreal, QC comes from the four members of Insatia. Like the flowing astral angel in the cosmos on the cover, Zoë Federoff, ascends listeners up with heavenly operatic vocals, melding a sound intertwining Siobhán Fahey (Shakepeares Sister) and Anette Olzon (Nightwish).  The music plays with a ballerinas grace as her voice soars over 10 tracks carrying immense natural emotion.

Their second effort Phoenix Aflame contains several tastes of medieval lore, gallantry and knighthood. Federoff’s voice carries a sense of confidence, power and elegance while guitars interplay heaviness and seduction like satin sheets.  Guitarist Kaelen Sarakinis, bassist Dave Ablaze and drummer Danial Millan weave sounds of Delain, Lacuna Coil, Epica with Letters From The Fire into their version of hard rock tranquility and high-flying guitar melody.

The eventual phoenix began in 2009, releasing self-produced debut, 2013’s Asylum Denied opening for international acts, Sonata Arctica and Dark Tranquility. The bird got its wings with the help of several guest musicians including former members of Firewind, Arch Enemy and Visions Of Atlantis among others.

“Land of the Living” starts with Federoff’s alluring call to the stars surrounded by the majestic keys of heaven as keyboards run in flush as a nice dream. Symphonic drums softly hammer to her cadence as she welcomes one and all back to the lush garden of the living.

“Act of Mercy” proudly marches with power pop procession into hard rock and symphonic elements harkened with riffs as vocals yearn with emotions. “We are the Gray” is sung with a sense of sorrow and uplifting hope as guitars hit notes like drawing archers.

Fast guitar waves through “Phoenix A Flame” like wildfire with vintage keys hitting a ‘70s vibe. “Not My God” starts as a piano ballad duet smashing into a high-powered, high-note spouting, highly emotional good time.

“Velvet Road” introduces instant acoustic majesty tying lush, vocal laced bows and ribbons through historical tales of the road with grandeur, Celtic bombast and merriment.  “My Healer of Hatred” gallops into battle, ending the story.


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