From Israel to Texas Seek Irony Play Tech N’ Roll

From Israel to Texas Seek Irony Play Tech N’ Roll

Arising from the burgeoning music scene of Tel Aviv, Israel, Seek Irony’s founding brother’s vocalist Kfir and drummer Rom Gov felt it was time to make the change to a new level and move the band to the US. They picked Austin, TX “The Live Music Capital of the World” to be their new home down south.

Living and experiencing the vast multicultural surroundings of their homeland, they have breathed in its many influences, turning those events into a powerful sound of alternative hard rock meets electric dance groove with tastes of metal. They are a live dance club on wheels so to speak, coming together with hot beats, meaningful lyrics and haunting melodies.

A couple years ago, they appeared on the verge of success when California producer Sylvia Massy (Tool, System of a Down) took them into the studio to record their debut. However, it sat finished but idle, with management issues consuming the bands time. Being in Tel Aviv, the distance only made matters worse. Using the intermediate time wisely, the band wrote new material. Since Kfir and bassist Daniel Strosberg owned the premier recording studio in Tel Aviv, producing many Middle Eastern bands, they recorded a top quality album even before getting internationally signed.

After two short trips to the US, years of paying dues and achieving success in Israel, they felt it was time to take things to a new level, and country. They took the hop back across the pond, moving the band to the US. After being approved for long term Special Extra Ordinary Talent visas by the US, the band picked Austin as their new home base. As part of the band’s relocation, Kfir and Daniel started a new Austin recording studio called Evil Snail Studios which the two will use to produce other American acts.

Sadly, during relocation the band had to part ways with its longtime friend and guitarist Eran Muntner. So the search was on for the right local guitarist and after a few months they found Alex Campbell. Campbell, Austin’s local Grammy Nominated and Progressive Rock Hall of Fame guitar hero was enamored with their sound. Bassist Adam Donovan, former light and sound tech for KMFDM joined. With Mikael Oganes on piano, keyboards and DJ’ing providing the electronica edge rounded off the gang. The new blood clicked embracing the bands original sound and immediately began touring all around the Lone Star State.

Tech N’ Roll, named after the band’s signature show-stopper and featured on Fox Sports The Best Damn Sports Show, is a definitive showcase for their unique yet commercial sound and appeal.

In the spirit of 9Electric and Skillet, Seek Irony bring a half rock band, half night club vibe to the stage with techno sounds layered with computerized synthesizers, high energy, sometimes grungy guitars and a pop energy.

Here’s a sample: “She” starts with techno sounds with a hard rock pop feel into “Tech N Roll’s” electro, computerized synth to make you bang your head and loose control. Album lyrics deal with relationships and lies, among other topics especially when that witchy woman and grungy guitars brought out the “Devil in Me.” No worries, it’s sweetened with some keyboard synth and she’s gone. “Low” is a heavier tune with grit.

Armed with new blood, a new album, an intensely crazy live show, and a bigger market to win over and conquer, they are ready to unleash their music to the world.


Images courtesy of New Ocean Media

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