Jonah 33 Writing Musical Stories

The first release from Jonah 33 may not be a concept record but it paints a musical tale with eleven chapters from beginning to end. Each song stands firm on its own but also fits nicely into a continuing message. So if you’re on the creative side and like a plot along-side your rock here’s hoping you’ll enjoy this paperback interpretation.

We start out Watching You Die with a creepy skeleton crawling up your back comforting you in your darkest hour because Too Much of Me is stuck in the muck of excessive self-love and I need you. I know he died All for You enduring the sins of all mankind. I’ve read the old stories and I want Faith Like That of the original disciples who followed you no matter what materials or costs they shed behind. You’ll be the Death and the Life of me, my mortal end is the beginning of my eternal life and I know you are so Beautiful despite attempts to ban your image and name from public view and speech. Naysayers will eventually be silenced because you’re the God of My Life. You’re All That Matters, gems and diamonds can sparkle my eyes but its all fool’s gold if there’s nothing in the beholders soul to make them Shine. They’ve hit rock bottom and need help rekindling the flame of belief. The Difference is Between the eyes of an atheist/non-believer and a Christian. When doing God’s work we wear Working Man Hands.

This band is real. They scrape, sweat and bleed for their vision and scream for what they believe, and believe what they scream. They’re from Arkansas too. Singer Vince Lichlyter hungers to serve family and people lingering in the dark world of drugs and suicide, a world he knew very well a decade ago. The music is made to bring people as close to God as possible.

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