King Parrot Will Bite Your Head Off

King Parrot Will Bite Your Head Off

Youngy, Mr. White, Squiz, Slatts and Skitz have come from Australia to kick ass and Bite Your Head Off with thrash, grind and old school punk at hardcore volume with genre smashing speed and aggression, giving new meaning to Parrot Head.

The five piece Melbourne medley play extreme music that’s uniquely Australian with their energy, presence and humor and are well renowned for their aggressive and visually entertaining live show. Since their 2011 inception through work ethic, a hard commitment to touring and releasing new material they’ve become one of the leading acts in the genre. They’ve released one EP “The Stench of Hardcore Pub Trash” in 2011 and their debut full length “Bite Your Head Off” worldwide in 2013. They topped off the year winning The Age Victoria Newspaper Wifire Music Award for best heavy album and “Act of the Year” at the Cherry Bar at the Jagermeister awards. King Parrot has signed a three album deal with Candlelight Records.
The EP and album have been combined and released as “Bite Your Head Off” and re-released in Australia on CD and vinyl. They’re a bit of Slayer, SOD and a chipped ballpeen hammer smashing your head at blast beat speed.


Opening track Bozo is a scalpel stinging lesson about human dissection for sale and murderous moral pride, his heart in another person is how he’ll stay alive. New life saving black market body parts is what he delivers, an organ transplant, it’s what’s for dinner. Thudding guitar as yeller/screamer Youngy spends the song as the next sixteen tracks sounding like Steve Souza on helium with exhales from Dani Filth, Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth and Udo Dirkschneider. No Coincidence starts brutal with Youngy’s throat dying in slow agony as we enter a sacredly pungent abyss. Shit on the Liver strolls into some morbid territory, provoking the angel with speed punk fury. It’s never smart to put God in a bad mood, no matter how many bright lights arson leaves. Letting the inner anatomical stench in, wreaking up the stomach walls. What the hell did you eat? The title-track will severe head from neck if you get to close with a brutal, merciless gnashing of teeth and some catchy hooks (not literal). Its hard thrashing, gnarling groove and chorus could be the no way in hell radio friendly hit single of the bunch. Play nice in the pit fellas.

Dead End is a dope sick bender played on guitar like a traffic jam with road rage bass and vocals screaming like a hundred angry, annoyed addicts on the mend.  Blaze in the Northern Suburbs burns down the house with a pyros riotous ecstasy. Silly Ol’ Mate is hyper-speed punk metal sliced with sides of slower high speed breaks with guitars climbing walls demolishing everything in sight like Lizzie and George on a Rampage. The king of parrots might know more than the owl. Water boils with Sun in the Sea as vocals scold and scald with guitars growling and grinding like skin sizzling off the bone swimming through the aqua like acid lava.

Cold Steel Probe, a slower chugger tune…. at first, turns into a back alley, back of the van violation of a contamination examination. Wait a minute… it’s going, where?   Psychotherapy and Valium are a perfect combination. The shrinks talking shit to get in your head, he wants to kick your ass in the cage, then fled. Stop lying on the couch sedated.

Stench of Hardcore Pub Trash, paying dues, getting shitfaced on brew. They’ll come back, bigger, better and smelling worse. The stench remains; they’ll leave their mark, on the wall or someone’s face. Lawnmower Dog’s a quick brutal tale of canine carnage and a few tracks later Sandy finishes up with a pleasant goodnight lullaby.

In March 2013 the band toured Indonesia appearing at the first Obscene Extreme Festival in Jakarta. Festival organizer, Miloslav Urbanec commented that King Parrot was one of the most enjoyable performances he’d seen in 20 years of running the festival. King Parrot’s drawing power extends to Australia’s Bastardfest, Obscene Extreme, Devil’s Kitchen, Dead of Winter, Cherry Rock and Whiplash Festivals as well.

In June they participated in a national tour presented by youth broadcaster Triple J with internationally known acts Thy Art is Murder and Cattle Decapitation. After touring with Australian legends Psycroptic, they toured in September 2013 with rockers Gay Paris. They’ve supported acts like Obituary, Warbringer,  Kvelertak, Forbidden, Macabre, Unida, Hobbs Angel of Death, Blood Duster and Eyehategod. Solidifying their presence nationally in July they made the cover of Veri-Live magazine and got the cover of nationally distributed Heavy Music Magazine in August.

Solidifying the bands presence in the national market, King Parrot have recently been rewarded with the cover of Veri-Live magazine in July, and featured on the cover of the nationally distributed Heavy Music Magazine in August.

A second single and video for “Bozo” has just been released based around the bands live performance, filmed at the Cherry Rock Festival in Melbourne in May 2013. Their first single and video for the song “Shit on the Liver” was a finalist in the Australian music video competition at St Kilda film festival. The video has over 100,000 hits on Youtube and has been hailed by critics and media as one of the best Australian underground music videos of all time. King Parrot is currently on tour in the US.


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