KingShifter Delivers 26 Tons

KingShifter Delivers 26 Tons


Deep within Wichita Kansas is where Sprout, Kink, David Steinbach and Derek Ludewick call home. KingShifter is all about the booze, riffs and keeping the ladies happy… of course. Their new record and debut with Pavement Entertainment is an often fast sometimes slower chuggernaut of hard grooved melody and fast rocking bar backroom pummeling fists to the face.

They’ve taken Sevendust, Kings X and Living Colour adding some Motorhead aggression keeping the heaviness of the melody going down smooth with the bluesy spirit of Hendrix and Vaughn. Sprout takes the best parts of Corey Glover, Lajon Witherspoon, Derrick Green and Dug Pinnick’s power and passion adding his own hard attitude and aggression with Kink laying down solid thick riffs and guitar work everywhere.

Peace of Mind opens with their own road stories on the highway to hell pounding the circuit playing the hard-ass metal funk from Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma to Missouri and Arkansas, living in the fast lane getting on the dance floor the whole time. Hard studded teeth bite down on Revolution Generation with Sprout’s high pitched/peaked singing, solid steel beats and street storybook stories. Unbroken’s hard man’s working voice and angry guitar plays a brick house/junkyard tune of all the debaucheries a beaten up, used old guitar can hold and tell about its owner and player.

Downin’ Booze-Raisin’ Hell’s a haymaker’s bloody brawl, chugging down gas guzzling liquid courage. Time to testify, living life KingShifter Style showing the girls a good time with a whiskey smile and fishnet stocking’s temptation. STFU (& Die Already) could be their Ace of Spades and the evils of television and all the BS and stupidity passing for entertainment.

Pitch Black Blues is a buzz inspired metal jam between Hendrix and Vaughn. .00125’s short acoustic departure gives the ears something different to nibble on before the loud tenderizing thumb-sucking begins the end.

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