NerVer Brings Out The Bullfighter

NerVer Brings Out The Bullfighter

Seven Mary Three’s Casey Daniel has delivered the Pavement Entertainment debut of his side project NerVer.  Bullfighter is 14 songs of hard rock, motorcycle engine burning gasoline dreams down the sun scorched highway, sweating in leather while pounding fists and shots.

Mixing a Molotov cocktail of BLS, Chrome Division, Monster Magnet and Butthole Surfers Daniels takes the hell-raising hard drinking harmonies of Zakk Wylde, David Wyndorf, and Gibby Haynes adding his own whiskey proofed voice to the mix. Guitarist Cody Mac plays out the hard lessons learned in life and road memories with a hard knuckled loud bluesy crunch and vigor.

The Bullfighter offers Cheap Thrills and one would think one would have to be Dumber Than A Bullet to let a raging fuming animal with sharp impalement horns charge you full speed. Anything for that adrenaline high as the first single and video No Cage takes the swampy bayou badass acoustic flavor into the electric arena with a dirt covered boot stomp.

Beware of the wolves disguised as blessings on Hordes. Make You Believe has a surprise opening, repeating Nirvana’ish note progression mixed with hard rock riffs.  It’s a given rock bands Misbehave but NerVer adds some background guitar funk leaving the crunchy chords center stage. What I Came For plays with a sinister guitar sound and the calculating cold-blooded plans of a Psychopath’s mind.

They’ve toured supporting Candlebox, Adema and Nonpoint.


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