Nick Coyle Riding The Electracoustica Wave

Nick Coyle Riding The Electracoustica Wave


Nick Coyle  is a modern day version of a “one man band”.  Combining guitars, synthesizers, and unique vocals with crowd moving drum and bass grooves, utilizing today’s modern technology.

Coyle, an accomplished musician/songwriter, has recorded and performed internationally for over 15 years.  His music’s been featured on a variety of media outlets including ESPN, FOX, NBC, MTV, VH1, Sirius, Howard Stern and EA Sport’s NHL game series to name a few. He also received a gold record for his band Lifer’s contribution to The Scorpion King, selling over 750,000 copies to date.

Whether performing in an arena or a small club his devoted passion for music is evident. Nick Coyle’s new full length LP “Sound Makes Waves” is set to be released worldwide on JULY 22.

Sound Makes Waves is a unique and diverse collection of sounds and musical expression. Between throwbacks to 80’s pop anthems to danceable techno, industrial beats, Coyle creates sounds and hooks full of triumph, underlined with hints of dirty naughtiness.

Somewhere In Time starts with a unique drumbeat with synth and eerie children in the background with Coyle’s voice lying low and subtle with an almost Trent Reznor delivery. Direction’s more aware with a street beat and acoustic’s about going out and finding life’s direction one way or another. Anorexiqueen has tension played acoustics with accompanying darkness about the twisted trials and tales of beauty and fame, all for a heavy personal price. A dark ballad about what she once was with a hint of The Cure.

Never Let Me Down’s funky, fast bass grooves give a street wise feel and talk. A street gang mentality with some Mo-town sounds. One Desire’s another 80’s throwback with danceable beats and a happy keyboard with strong vocals. Mine is industrial Erasure meets Depeche Mode with enchanting keyboards and the dirty, grimy feeling of basement leather clad debauchery. It’s not GNR but Coyle repeatedly insists you could be mine.

Nobody’s Perfect, just like a weird gothic, campfire combination of Every Rose and Patience with some Pink Floyd mixed in. Guitar reverb in an echo chamber with some western blues, a unique catchy formula, indeed. Wait For You has a more tranquil, classical feel while One Step Closer is the Send Me An Angel of the disk. Coyle finishes with Mothers Lullaby, an ode to Sevendust with some surprisingly authentic Lajon Witherspoon vocals.



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