Obscene Entity’s Lamentia

Obscene Entity’s Lamentia

The Obscene Entity boys from the UK are breaking bones cracking skulls and making eardrums bleed with their new nine-song audio sledgehammer Lamentia. From demonic, screeching vocals, avalanche riffs and guitars savagely cutting through everything to be heard, they’ve pulled out a weapon of decibel destruction.

Lamentia’s hell-raising box of technical complexity is complimented by the skin ripping hooks to the face found inside. There’s enough rapid fire guitar, bass ground and pound to make the most hardcore mosher confused and looking to tap.

Pummeling with pleasing precession and percussion we begin with “Planetary Devastation.” Death metal played with the opening black metal stains of screeching teeth. Growls hit like guitars on concrete as riffs sear like lasers through stone.

“Hymns of the Faithless” is blast beat beauty at death metal warp speed with a mid-song circle pit invitation to slam to salvation.

“Black Blood” must run in the veins. Dark, atmospheric riffage with the northern forest’s sacrificial ritual midnight fires ablaze.

“Disassembling of the Ego” calms down the record with atmospheric brain noise enough to catch your breath, bringing tense relief.

The group pit continues on the title track with bone shaking, chord bouncers with a deep down violent ground assault.

In 2012, they released their self-titled EP quickly establishing themselves in the underground circuit. Their fierce, live delivery has landed them supporting slots with Napalm Death, Kraanium, Anaal Nathrakh and Voices.


Lamentia will be released on CD and cassette on November 27 2015 via Tridroid Records.


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