One Eyed Doll Plays Newport’s Thompson House

One Eyed Doll Plays Newport’s Thompson House

Few duo’s can sound like a full band but Kimberly Freeman and Jason Sewell from Austin’s One Eyed Doll pull it off every show including that night at the Thompson House with vocals, guitar, drums and a sh-load of props. Freeman used several of her personalities’ distinct sweetness and cutie pie looks to keep the crowd entertained. With the innocent charm of Snow White dangling the poison apple outstretched with a smile.

The locals weren’t about to let the Texas bred team outdo them on the weird and unconventional scale. Cincinnati’s N the Grinder opened the evening, decimating eardrum’s early. Lazy Ass Destroyer’s three man trio brought something truly bizarre with an act presenting what might’ve happened if Kid Rock and GG Allen had joined forces surfacing from the S&M underground influenced by the village people. Not to be outdone, Cincy’s anti-terrorism unit Redbeast came out red faced and silver skull driven ready to drink, spit and spew the agenda of Adolf Christ. Family entertainment, they weren’t. Playing their final hoorah were the ladies and gents of Escape the Silence. Saying goodbye and pulling down the curtain as patriotically and loudly as possible.

Image by Tom Wilson

Image by Tom Wilson

Thrash, black and grindcore were all thrown N the Grinder, banging out the “Beautiful Bloodbath,” with dreadlocks lashing out like sharp jagged nails with touches of corpse paint. The trio of Brian McClure, Mr. Cuddles aka Spencer Caudle and Regor Regor warmed everyone up with an old school rotting, death-breath of fresh vintage black metal meets Carcass.

Covington’s Lazy Ass Destroyer hit up the stage with the gimp masked and nearly naked guitar work of Krusty 77. Teaming with DJ Scott Ruckus, busting out the beats with rapid fire lyrical jive, the helmet wearing militant anarchist, bearded and adorned in black leather and camo Lazy D spit out the rhymes faster than Kanye West could hijack an acceptance speech. It was a ghastly but genuinely unique three member stage assemble on the rock n roll, hip hop hell parade. You sorta wanted to look away but morbid curiosity held your eyes.

“Such A Sin” carried the Beastie Boys hard guitar and all the sick shit going around. “Watcha Wanna” be? Broke, toked and stoked. “In the Middle of the Night,” the ladies said the bee’s sting with that “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” feel, on two different records. They finished simply saying “Fuck It” with a smile.


(Red Beasts marketing strategy are solely their own.)

It was time for a crimson dose of the Cincinnati heavy, blood-red metal of Red Beast. So Adolf Christ, True Man and Crwthr McCrwthr walk on stage ready to kick ass and summon the almighty gods of metal and hoping Cthulhu might make a bursting appearance through the floor. Christ commands the red beasties to give praise. His red face painted in the points and curves of the devils detail saying he wants vengeance against thy enemy. He’s not a Nazi of the netherworld yet. They broke into “Hell Know” because whisky and weed would be needed for a Hell Yeah. “Kill the Man” was a slower, more deliberate chugger with plenty of BLS pride. AC raised the Holy Grail of purified red metal juice toasting the crowd. There’s always a hybrid of good and bad in life, whether you stalk it like a “Preydator” or it gets you down. For all the candy lovers out there, they played “Killing Spree Sweet Tart.”

Red Beast has self-produced a new full-length, Adolf Christ and created a music video for “Obama Bin Laden.” According to the band through various (questionably-reliable) foreign sources only AC was privy to, they pulled off a live filming session at Mecca in the Middle East. This ill-advised media stunt was done under the radar.

The all American Sister Sam, Tosha Montgomery led the loud Silence in their final stand screaming out below the “Blood Red Skies.” With some Arch Enemy in her delivery and Melissa Chavez’s, whiplash hair guitar work. Though this chapter closes, they have new beginnings on the horizon and are “Never Forgotten.” They end it with the one thing most men and quite a few woman love, “Titties in the Face.”


Kimberly took the stage dressed in white, the crimson mad hattress “Committed” to take us all on her personal tour of the world ‘as she saw it’ through the eye of a doll, hopefully not Annabelle. The hottest resident Waverly Hills never had the pleasure of wrapping in a straight jacket. She jumped into the crowd early, congregating with the masses, looking for fellow crazies. She broke her silence long ago and “Breaks” a few hearts every night, feeding the need for our dolled up addiction. She donned the flimsy white horned war helmet, as she viciously but lovingly attacked Sewell behind the drums jamming foot into chest.

Next up was their smash hit single in the easy listening, teen pop, contemporary, hip-hip, electro-new-wave-shoe-gaze category. A song featured in Titanic, Newport Chainsaw Massacre and Passion of the Christ in High Def 3D. “Black Sabbath”-err “Plumes of Death” thrashed the stage. The black hat went on introducing the first tune from new concept album Witches about the infamous trials and hysteria of 1692 Salem. Interesting fact that a by-product growing on the main crop of the time was a raw version of LSD, “Black in the Rye.”

The next song was about a killer bus ride that went all through the town and all the poor children were never found. Don’t piss off the bus lady! A call from headquarters on a very well disguised chainsaw phone signaled it was time for a song about friendship. Bringing out the butterfly wings she held up a piece of her latest victim, Bill. Then to the military march style, country twanger swagger about meeting that special someone and keeping them… forever. Please “Be My Friend,” cause serial killers are people to (Bundy, Gacy, Dahmer, Dexter and Ramirez, who knew?) if you take away the voices their normal, not true.

She was every bit the cute cowgirl and the queen papal authority. When it came to religion were you a dragon or a unicorn? Both fly, one breathes fire and the other has a horn. She told us a loud story done Texas Style about a guy going to a “Nudie Bar,” has a lil too much fun and his girlfriend seeks revenge with propane tanks. Such a shame, the flames took her freedom away. She started the child-like, innocent sweet whisper of “Monster” then hit the metal grabbing our attention as the demon’s voice came screaming out of the guitar. She ended it telling us to follow her, right to the merch table. She’s one of the only musician’s that jumps stage going directly to the table after the show and demands each person gives her ‘a finger’ before meeting her.

N the Grinder image by Tom Wilson

All others by Mike Ritchie


A Farewell to Escape the Silence.




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