Parachute Band Offers Glorious Sounds

New Zealand based Parachute Band brings North America it’s fifth offering of Glorious sounds. The band takes a unique approach on traditional ballads adding some groove adapting to any given environment. Glorious reflects the groups South Pacific roots while embracing the mountain chains and jungle-green forests.

So Sing puts the energy back into Sunday morning choir by adding urban flavor while Almighty infuses a new flow to the praise and worship scene. High Above is a soothing sing-a-long suitable for the most tranquil praying circle. Glorious turns up the pulpit power as does the closer, God You Are Good.

Other tunes contain soft love stringed embraces to God that could almost wrap you in swaddling clothes and kiss you goodnight under the glow of warm candlelight. Formed in ’96, Parachute Band led worship at New Zealand’s Parachute Music Festival hence, the name. They’ve received five Gold albums and won three New Zealand Music & Entertainment Awards for Gospel Album of the Year.

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