Pistol Day Parade Feel The Burn

Pistol Day Parade Feel The Burn


Pistol Day Parade’s Burn is 12 rocking songs of life lessons learned on the broken-heart highway of shattered dreams driving towards the road to closure and redemption. Rock n roll played with soul, emotion and thick bluesy notes layered with catchy harmonies, vocal melodies and personal lyrics dotted red with spilled bleeding heart-beats on paper.

Music is a healer and PDP use it to move on, creating some great benchmark anthems with a sound using pieces of Nickelback, Linkin Park, Monster Magnet and even a little Korn mixing styles with the 80’s sunset metal forefathers Faster Pussycat and LA Guns adding a bit of Morrison for swag and sex appeal.

Rockstars Girlfriend opens with the big 80’s feel and flare with the sunglasses on and the sun drenched Hollywood Hills in the background. A cynically humored story but hard-truth tale of attempted fame and fortune through the ‘backdoor’ with a little bit of biker rock and a mouth on the tailpipe sucking on the hog’s breath.

Where I Lay follows the tried and true tradition of the ballad following the rock hit formula. Angels on Fire’s high-pitched guitar notes echoes in the cold waters of past memories of love lost with keyboard laden comforts.  High is a hard played number about the nasty habits of a special working girl. Whatever pays the bills and keeps you going honey.

Vocalist Fuller wakes up yelling Hollow words then the dark-noted Down On Me is carried on the whirling background wisps of keyboards before the guitars turn up the amps midway through.

Rising from tough times in Detroit, Pistol Day Parade are considered one of the nation’s top undiscovered acts. Their debut EP She Wants More recorded by Mike Brown (Breaking Benjamin, Velvet Revolver) has sold 7500 copies and thousands more digitally. They’ve played The Fillmore Theater numerous times and shared stages with Stone Temple Pilots, Tesla, Candlebox, Filter, Mudvayne among many others.  Earlier this year they signed with Goomba Records and recorded Burn. The song Better has been featured on Nikki Sixx’s radio show, Sixx Sense along with current single and video Not Today. www.pistoldayparade.com

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