Pivit Plex is Under Museum Quality Glass

Emerging from the mountains of Montana, Pivit Plex is a blend of retro 60’s, 70’s sound with alternative/contemporary rock. The formula creates a unique refreshing sound that caught on with fans across the country almost immediately. Under Museum Quality Glass offers had bobbing rock and roll, which manages to play well along-side some acoustic balladry.

Listeners experiencing music during the retro days will appreciate musical nods to artists of the day. Feeling Fear sounds a bit like a Creed acoustic and there’s a little Neil Young on You Know. Under Museum Quality Glass is a relaxing disk. It doesn’t drown itself in non-electric twang. The rather springing-selected songs with some electric tread are enough to keep a heavier fan’s attention. For the most part Pivit Plex will satisfy the ear’s ever constant need for new sounds to possess. For the kids of the generation X kids this could be a good intro to the music of decades past. www.pivitplex.com

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