Prometheus Reigns in Fairfield

Prometheus Reigns in Fairfield

(Due to severe weather conditions, original headliners Raven Black were unable to perform)


Friday December 15 DF Productions and Events  at The Venue Event Center in Fairfield hosted three bands that played on, despite Mother Nature tampering with the lineup. Dayton’s Secret Circle Society presented a smooth, calming middle ground, sandwiched between aggressive metal and black and death metal mixed, symphonic plunder.

Mark of the Devil Tattoo and Art were vending along with Gypsy Witchy Creations as DJ Spencer Nightpain spun the nights dance floor soundtrack.

The evening opened with road travelers Blood of Heroes from Danville, Illinois.  Mixing a bit of Lamb of God, Pantera and Hellyeah into their own smirking black tooth grin. New members of the Voodoo Queen roster they cranked out eight songs that spread their mission statement through the speakers like a nice, tangy, moonshine punch to the guts, face and ear. It was a down home, slug out set of holy damnation. Some silver tongued sermons and out of town behavior brought to the southern Ohio and Kentucky freaks, goths and metal heads.

Voodoo and blood’s been in the air for them since August 2016, as the stage came to life.  They fucked up shit from the get go with the heavy karma wallop up of “Reap What You Sow.” The “Reason I’m Insane” hit on indulgences, vices and the things we do to cope whether chemical, liquid or loud, screaming music. Music if often the best way to keep insanity and jail-bound thoughts at bay.

Vocalist Rich Treadway sported bandana and banshee war paint, instigating a good-natured volume battle of the sexes with the ladies winning. He’s put his stage time in, spending nearly 15 years with Boomslang and promoting Danville’s Slang Music Festival since 2006.  Guitarist Phillip Polezoes channeled the spirit of Dime and some southern entities cranking out the tunes. A video for “Symbolic Voices” is coming soon.

The ladies and gents took over the area as Dayton’s Secret Circle Society came forth delivering a more mellow, melancholy, chill show with voices that went down the rabbit hole.  The wide eyed roar of vocalist Mystie Rose might’ve been more on the animalistic side that evening, given the environment. Songs of sweet and emotional pain that sang as much as stung came out like audio therapy.

Whether good or bad, kissable or killable there’s just “Something about You” that makes people feel passionate. You’re so “Special.” They entertained the Eurythmic charm of “Sweet Dreams” and those seductive blood suckers on “Vampire” saving the newest tune for the “Recharge.”

Prometheus brought out the extreme in preferred audio torment with music that fit the furniture, filming their show for future use.  “Great White” gnawed through notes like a blood thirsty predator, though no violins were harmed (assuming) recording the song. The great eagle and equalizer flew to devour on “Aetos Kaukasios.”

Omeni vocalist Tim Hasty came up for guest vocals. Guitars played notes red, like the steaming emblazoned eyes of death’s dark horses on the damnation invitation that many came to hear. The modern day grim reapers will “See You In Hell.”

Half somber and soul heavy mixed with half classical and thrash as “Condemned” and “Dark Blue” got slammed and smashed together. “At Most Fear” chilled the atmosphere ending the originals.

They cranked up the covers and heat throwing down some Rammstein playing “Mein Herz Brennt,” and “Du hast.”  Vocalist/guitarist Gary Okuley finished with a satanic salute to the Antichrist Superstar and the “Beautiful People.”


Images by Mike Ritchie


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