Razereater Unleash Vacuum of Nihil

Razereater Unleash Vacuum of Nihil

UK warp speed grinders Razereater have slammed out a five track EP, to be released and approached with caution on January 13th. Vacuum of Nihil’s, five short tracks pack the wallop of a nuclear bomb exploding in the backyard with monsoon fury.

Like a chaotic spinning acid trip filled with fast, furious and angry aggression, a turbine contortion of spastic movements playing faster than a mosh pit can handle. Razereater bring the sounds of Napalm Death, Entombed and a modern day Sex Pistols amped to Dillinger Escape Plan level.

“Nailbombed” starts with static dialogue then sets the pattern with blast beats and hardcore punk yelling. “Bloodeagled” is slower, grungier and dirtier with that basement/garage sweat/beer stain feel, till 1:38 then the drums from hell kick back in. “Filth Scheming, Shrill Scre” ends with more temple pounding finishing half way with the buzz of white noise to finish their swift but brutal attack.

V.O.N is a short, intense violation on the senses like a migraine hitting with battalion strength, laughing at incoming aspirin. Running time is only about 10 minutes but it’s similar to hearing instruments committing mass murder on the ears.


Released via Wooaaargh and Skin and Bones Records.

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