Scarleth’s Silver Lining

Scarleth’s Silver Lining

Two records into their career, Kyiv, Ukraine’s, Scarleth have written, sculpted and recorded music that speaks beyond a band releasing their sophomore effort. Through numerous member changes they’ve crafted a sound blending Euro symphonic influence with thrash and modern melodious rock.

Scarleth is Victor Morozov (guitar), Yana Kovalskaya (keyboards), new vocalist Ekaterina Kapshuk, Igor Chumak (bass) and Philipp Kharouk (drums).

Following in the footsteps of Finland symphonic metal giants Nightwish, they’ve taken the bombastic, atmospheric keyboard woven, guitar laden landscapes incorporating a heavy, poppy, multi-subgenre influence. The Silver Lining has moments of folk, prog and power metal to interest the ear and mind. There’s even a few moments where ravens fly through gothic synth-created skies with tracks ranging from ancient Egypt to the ‘80s.  With simple keyboard strokes to grandiose soundscape solos Kovalskaya sets the mood with her fingers in a way that can’t be done with strings.   

From the Celtic mountainside to classic gothic lore to mysterious Egyptian spiritualism its Euro symphonic metal mixed with Evanescence, The Letter Black, Letters from the Fire and Sirenia. A record played with the precision of a band that sounds world traveled. For the curious, they have a full live show filmed last year in Kiev on YouTube.

Following up 2011’s Break the Silence, The Silver Lining is a sleeping beauty waiting to be awoken by its charming worldwide audience.

Night of Lies starts out modern rock with shades of thrash. Double Memory has a techno synth flare with a speed metal, new wave pace. There’s some impressive synth soloing, crunchy riffs and scattered water colored rainbows painted with the keys.

The Gates of Dark Sun could be their Rime of the Ancient Mariner, long and epic in musical complexity, with grandeur and bombast. Middle Eastern flavored with Egyptian elements, giving dark illumination to the pyramids as the sun sets. Vocals sing with the spirits of the Pharaoh’s, with hypnotic, poppy yet spell-casting effect. Bass rumbles along the flying sands as guitars ring out ancient prophecies. Voices of the past still whisper in the wind telling their stories, bringing the curious thrill seekers to this enchanted land.

Voices punks up the pace, ethereal laced with clandestine keys and triumphant guitars. Synth riffs give off an uplifting feel. Dying Alone lowers the tempo with a dramatically played classical key ballad.

One short Life brings the Celtic pride out, like an electronic Irish spring with a mosh pit jig with water flowing guitar streams as notes bring one with nature.

Before the Night Fall has a Gothic opening as dramatic driving guitars blend with eerie fantasies placed through the keys leaving a surreal musical serum. Tranquil keys play down the sunset, the last beams of light descend over the land, guitars mount their shift as darkness waits to overcome the horizon and skyward vocals creep in like sleek satin sheets, spread like seduction.


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