Skraeckoedian Release Sagor

Skraeckoedian Release Sagor

Skraeckoedian’s sound could be called 70’s doom-prog but it could also be every bit, part Sabbath as part from Southern Louisiana as from their Swedish homeland. With songs spanning the vast terrain of the mountainous land and planets inhabiting the cover, the music echo’s through the caves and halls of time leaving its imprint on history and the human mind. Whether swimming in syrupy trippy guitar fuzz, rocking out or playing along to ascending/descending build ups and crescendos, the music tributes the mirages and illusions below the heated desert sky and climbs to the heights of the thin air mountain peaks.

With songs ranging from 6-7 minutes and shorter, singer/guitarist Robert Lamu spends the disk in his native tongue singing about cosmic worlds, historical mythology and the major players within sounding like a high mix of Pepper Keenan with the speaking voice of King Diamond. Within each songs structure that has vocals it proves to be its fluid lubricant.

“Prologue’s” robotic beginning introduces a jam session with Opeth, Rush and a cameo by Devin Townsend. At 7 ½ minutes guitars and vocals scale the peaks and mountains of “Gigantos.”

The shortest exchange on the record with a minute and change “Awen” impressively hits hills and valleys with a majestic army like pace. From the underwater muddy depths comes the eight minute “Squidman.” No words needed to describe this vile creature of the earth, though dynamite might be needed. The “Mothra” flies in after, at seven minutes. Where’s Godzilla when you need him?

“Epilogue” ends the disk with a different approach. Acoustic strings start with echoing guitars near a distant fireplace continuing into loud atmosphere then back to the beginning. It’s a different kind of goodbye.

Sagor will be released on vinyl on August 21 2015 via Razzia Records.

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